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Traditionally, tap water was used in many applications for cooling. Recirculating cooler and chillers provide an environmentally-friendly alternative to cooling with tap water. Water is recirculated in a closed system rather than flowing directly down the drain. Additionally, they provide constant and repeatable parameters such as flow rate, pressure and temperature.

Julabo’s F Series are ideal for basic cooling tasks. They offer easy operation in a small footprint. Due to their efficiency, the F Series coolers are an economic and environmentally-friendly alternative to cooling with tap water. Low acquisition costs mean that they can pay for themselves within a very short time.*

Three models are available to suit different application demands: F250, F500 and F1000.

Applications include: Rotary evaporators; Kjeldahl instruments; measuring cells; automated analysis systems; CCD cameras; polarimeters; refractometers; condensers for glass apparatus; calorimeters; soxhlet apparatuses.

*Case studies are available on request. Payback time will be dependent on your application (type and number of instruments being cooled, set point temperature, and hours of usage).