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Biological Safety Cabinets

The SafeFAST Premium cabinets from Faster come with a range of energy-saving features to help users reduce their energy consumption and CO2 emissions. They also offer very low noise levels—only 42.5 dB(A) for the 1.2m cabinet.

The new ECS® microprocessor controller combined with DC motors and low pressure-drop filters optimise power consumption—reducing CO2 emission. LED lighting (with dimmable feature) offers significant energy savings compared to traditional fluorescent tube lighting.

The low pressure-drop filters (identical particulate capture efficiency: H14 EN1822) result in reduced burden on the motors and therefore lower energy consumption. They additionally offer a longer lifespan (~20,000 hours) compared with standard filters (~10,000 hours).

ES (energy saving) mode, when the sash is shut, provides a 70% reduction in energy usage compared with full operational mode.

Faster has installed over 1000 solar panels allowing their cabinets to be manufactured using 100% renewable energy.

Prices do not include cabinet installation and commissioning.

*Based on running times of 10 hours per day, 7 days per week and a 200mm sash opening, typical power consumption is: 45 kWh/month.