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Sustainable Solutions

Laboratories are energy hungry environments, guzzling 4-6 times more energy per m2 than your average office.1 Many organisations, across all industry sectors are looking for ways to reduce their running costs and work more sustainably. We offer a range of laboratory products and services to help you:
The products and services have been selected to help you to work more sustainably without impacting your daily workflows and practices. Featured products and service solutions are included based on the following criteria:2

Energy efficient—helping you to reduce your energy consumption and utility bills.

Product uses less electricity; incorporates features and functionality to reduce running costs such as timers, special lighting or insulation.

Less waste generated or fewer resources used—enabling you to lower your carbon footprint

Product provides water savings; uses recycled materials or can be recycled; offers a long life cycle; manufactured in a resource-conscious facility.

Less hazardous materials used or hazardous waste generated—better for you, your laboratory and the environment

Product does not use ozone-depleting gases or is a mercury-free alternative, for example.

Sustainable packaging—helping you to generate less waste and reduce your environmental impact and/or carbon footprint

Product has reduced packaging or no packaging; uses degradable or recyclable packaging; incorporates recycled packaging.

Inspired Sustainable Solutions for your Laboratory

  1. https://www.labnews.co.uk/article/2025394/don_t_let_energy_efficiency_tie_you_in_knots
  2. Product information provided within our sustainability microsite has been compiled in conjunction with the manufacturers. Medline Scientific does not take responsibility for the content.