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Liebherr laboratory and pharmacy fridges and freezers

The MediLine range of fridges and freezers offer both high performance and high efficiency. They come with a host of features that make them ideally suited to storing chemicals, research materials, medication and temperature-sensitive samples. The powerful compressors and modern cooling components ensure that the MediLine range is particularly energy-efficient and economical.

The precise electronic controller enables the temperatures to be set (and displayed) with 1/10°C accuracy. This functionality means that your freezers, for example, can be accurately set for -20°C rather than a cooler temperature that might be unnecessary. This ability to precisely set and monitor the interior temperature results in lower energy consumption (case studies are available on request). It will also reduce heat output.

Liebherr laboratory fridges and freezer are designed to be low energy without compromising the high standards and demands required for temperature-sensitive samples stored within the laboratory.

We have highlighted a small number of laboratory models below. If you would like to discuss an alternative model or requirement, please contact us: enquiries@medlinecientific.com.

Part number
Energy consumption per year
LKUv 1610 MediLine underbench fridge
273 kWh
LKUexv 1610 MediLine underbench fridge, spark-free
315 kWh
SRFvh 4001 Perfection upright fridge
172 kWh
SRFvg 4001 Performance upright fridge
245 kWh
SRFfg 4001 Performance upright fridge, spark-free
421 kWh
LKv 5710 MediLine upright fridge
438 kWh
LGUex 1500 MediLine underbench freezer, spark-free
294 kWh
SFFfg 4001 Performance upright freezer, spark-free
384 kWh
SFFsg 5501 Performance upright freezer
501 kWh
LCv 4010 MediLine fridge freezer
657 kWh

Stirling Ultracold ULT Freezers

Stirling Ultracold’s revolutionary approach to ultra-low temperature (ULT) storage allows laboratories to reduce their energy usage, lower running costs and save valuable lab space.

The SU780XLE (780 Litre) ULT freezer incorporates the innovative free-piston Stirling engine. Compared with traditional compressor-based ULTs, the SU780XLE uses 70-75% less energy enabling laboratories to save money on their utility bills. These sustainable units also generate 70-75% less heat, so customers can reduce the running costs associated with heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC).

With its ENERGY STAR® rating and ACT label, customers can lower their energy consumption, reduce their carbon footprint and improve their sustainability (product uses 100% natural refrigerants and is manufactured in a waste reduction facility).

SU105UE (105 Litre) ULT freezer: This space-saving freezer delivers full-performance ULT storage for benchtop, stacked or undercounter configurations. Boasting the widest temperature range in the industry (from -86°C to -20°C), makes this lab freezer ideal for warming up samples and biologics in stages.

The SU105UE was designed for energy efficiency, with its very low power consumption of less than 4 kWh/day at -80°C. Incorporates: 100% natural refrigerants and free-piston Stirling engine technology.

This freezer can be the perfect solution for research labs and clinical trials where space is limited. Its compact design allows for easy undercounter placement, while still providing ample storage capacity.

ULT25NEU (25 Litre) ULT freezer: The ULT25NEU is the only truly portable ultra-low freezer available today for bringing cold chain sample and drug storage directly to patients and remote sites. It delivers safe and reliable ULT storage in the field and anywhere there is a need for patient care, testing or specimen collection.

This portable device plugs into any 110V-240V outlet, worldwide, and can even run on 12V DC power with an automobile adapter or alternative-energy power sources, such as solar and wind energy. Incorporates: 100% natural refrigerants and free-piston Stirling engine technology.

The ULT25NEU is a long-term, manageable and sustainable cold storage alternative to dry ice. There are no environmental emissions, while dry ice sublimates CO2 back into the atmosphere.

*SU780XLE and SU105UE have a 2-year parts, and 7-year engine and thermosiphon warranty. ULT25NEU has a 1-year warranty.