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Laboratory consumables and supplies

Medline Scientific has been a supplier of laboratory consumables and supplies since 1992… from the humble test tube to the new and innovative PRAME antibody.

Our portfolio includes commonly required lab consumables such as: bottles, beakers, measuring cylinders, wash bottles, Pasteur pipettes, pipette tips and more.

To meet our customers’ many application needs, we supply large number of laboratory containers, from centrifuge tubes, cuvettes and cryovials and through to Universals, microcentrifuge tubes, buckets and biohazard containers.

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Our partnership with Deltalab enables us to bring their comprehensive range of laboratory glassware and plasticware to our customers. The range comprises reusable and single-use labware with product solutions for life sciences, healthcare, cell biology, biobanking and other scientific industries, products such as PCR tubes, Petri dishes, microplates, loops and spreaders. To satisfy the demands of microbiology departments and analysis laboratories, we offer high-quality sterile swabs and non-sterile swabs. Amies swabs, charcoal swabs, flocked swabs, environmental and forensic swabs are just a few examples from this vast product group.

To further support sample collection and testing within various industries, we offer a wide range of products including universal specimen containers, leak-proof sample containers, urine test kits, sample cups, tamper-evident bottles, blood collection tubes, syringes, water sampling bottles, specimen bags, measuring scoops and dipper samplers. Many of the items within this range are available sterile (Aseptic, Ethylene Oxide ‘EO’ and / or Gamma Radiation ‘R’). Full details for all items available upon request.

In the UK, we are the authorised distributor for Trajan’s pathology lab supplies. As such, we supply a broad range of microscope slides, coverslips, microtome blades and histology wax. Our portfolio of histology supplies is further enhanced with Simport cassettes, Coplin jars and many histology consumables for sample preparation, preservation, cutting and staining: Everything from biopsy pads, dissection boards and embedding moulds, to tissue marking dyes, primary stains and PRAME antibody.

We also offer many essential scientific laboratory supplies such as autoclave tape and bags, tube racks, cryoboxes, and many different types of tubing: neoprene and rubber tubing; medical gas hose; silicone tubing.

Cleaning and safety products:

In addition to products for safe disposal (e.g. clinical waste bags, Sharps containers, biohazard bags), we can also supply the complete range of RBS laboratory cleaning solutions and disinfectants. The range includes alkaline detergents as well as neutral detergents and solutions suitable for laboratory glasswashers.