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Deltalab is a leading company in design and manufacturing of single use labware. With more than 35 years’ experience, Deltalab offers widely developed and market-adapted products with a commitment to quality, service and ethically driven responsibility on an international level.

Transport Swabs

Deltalab’s transport swabs allow the recovery of Aerobic, Facultative Anaerobic and Anaerobic microorganisms for up to 48 hours and 24 hours for Fastidious Bacteria, according to independent studies made following the methodology of the CLSI standard M40-A2.

Deltalab only uses high-quality raw materials, and all the manufacturing processes are performed in a Clean Room thus ensuring a very low bioburden level. Moreover, the swabs are also subjected to a radiation sterilisation process assuring total sterility.

There is a 30 month viability period for bacteria media (Amies, Stuart, and Cary Blair) and an 18 month period for Virus and Chlamydia swabs.

Plastic Containers

Deltalab have a wide of plastic containers available that are suitable for sample collection, processing, and storage & transport. All containers are available with a variety of labelling options for you to choose from (e.g. printed, non-labelled, plain).

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