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At Medline Scientific, we believe it is important to deliver a good environmental performance in all our business operations and to provide our customers with essential trust and dedication. Our team is strongly committed to monitoring and enhancing our environmental performance, prohibiting pollution, and protecting the environment to help ensure a maintainable future. This is illustrated in our ISO 14001:2015 environmental management certification.

All our products are sourced and promoted to minimise the environmental effect of production and distribution.

Product and Services:

We offer a range of laboratory products and services to help our customers improve their energy efficiency, reduce their running costs and carbon footprint. Visit our Sustainable Solutions microsite to find out more.

Transport and Energy:

To reduce the impact of CO2 emissions, we aim to fully ship our orders (one single consignment) and, wherever possible, multiple orders are combined and delivered as one single consignment.

As a company, our primary sources of energy are the water, heating and electrical systems within our buildings, which are regularly monitored and reviewed. We are committed to reducing our use of these systems via our ISO:14001:2015 procedures, which allow us to provide a quality service whilst ensuring that we reduce our environmental footprint.

Waste Management:

With many products coming from abroad, we carefully evaluate operations and ensure they are as efficient as possible to minimise waste. We continue to look at ways in which we can effectively manage waste in our business.

We also accept any branded electrical and electronic equipment with the standard WEEE crossed out wheeled dustbin symbol displayed below. This is stated in our latest WEEE Compliance certificate.


Paper and Packaging:

To ensure that waste is kept to a minimum, we reuse packaging whenever suitable. Our main source is our cardboard recycling system, which allows us to sort boxes that are acceptable for shipping and storage. By doing this, we can prevent unnecessary waste being sent to recycling centres around the country. We also endeavour to reuse bubble wrap and packing popcorn to ensure that our items produce as little environmental impact as possible.

Our ISO 14001 certification may be downloaded here