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Microscope Lighting

We offer a range of mercury-free microscope lighting from CoolLED. The pE-100, pE-300 Series and pE-4000 offer a more stable, longer lasting and energy efficient alternative to traditional mercury lighting. They are also safer and more sustainable.

The pE-100 series is a family of single-wavelength fluorescence LED illumination systems, which are compact and simple to use.  Systems can be specified at any one of 20 different LED wavelengths, and are ideal for routine clinical screening, electrophysiology or basic research applications. 

The pE-300 Series is a range of LED Illumination Systems for fluorescence, optogenetics, electrophysiology and high-speed microscopy applications. 

The pE-4000 sets the standard as the universal Illumination System for fluorescence microscopy. The system has 16 selectable LED wavelengths across four channels that can be finely controlled and matched to the filters and fluorophores of almost any microscope, making it the broadest and most versatile illumination system available.

The pE-800 sees LEDs take centre stage as the widefield illumination method of choice. Featuring eight individually controllable LEDs and lightning fast TTL switching, the pE-800 delivers the highest quality data with minimum total cost of ownership. Versatile and intuitive with a 36-month warranty. The pE-800, with liquid light guide delivery, makes next generation LED illumination accessible to all.


Please contact us to discuss your system requirements, so we can ensure correct configuration for your microscope(s).

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