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Medline Scientific: LUPC Framework Supplier

Laboratory Equipment (General) and Associated Post Installation Services framework: LAB5061

Did you know that Medline Scientific is a supplier on the LUPC Framework: Laboratory Equipment (General) and Associated Post Installation Services framework: LAB5061. As such, we’re here to help our customers find the most appropriate and cost-effective solutions for their applications, workflow and industry.

Please get in touch if you would like to know more or request a quotation. Alternatively, browse our range of safety products that we can supply under the LUPC framework agreement:

Priorclave autoclaves

We offer the full range of Priorclave sterilisers: front-loading, top-loading, large capacity and bench top laboratory autoclaves. Visit our Sustainable Solutions microsite to discover which models are ACT-label certified, or browse the full range.

Faster Class II biological safety cabinets

Find out why Faster’s premium microbiological safety cabinets are featured on our Sustainable Solutions microsite. We have a small selection of Class II cabinets listed on our website, however, please contact us to discuss your applications as we have many more solutions available.

Laminar flow cabinets

Currently, we offer vertical laminar flow cabinets from Jeio Tech, as well as Faster’s FlowFast vertical and horizontal laminar flow cabinets. Explore the range.

Fume cupboards

We supply ductless fume cabinets from Jeio Tech’s, Faster and Bigneat.

Bigneat’s Chemcap fume cabinets are manufactured in the UK; they offer excellent air flow control and clear unobstructed all-round view of the working area.

Jeio Tech’s fume hoods are available with a variety of filters and work surfaces to suit a different application requirements.

Faster offer both filtered fume cabinets and ducted fume cabinets. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss Faster’s ChemFAST Elite ductless fume cabinets or ChemFAST Premium ducted fume cupboards.

Flammable safety storage cabinets

New Type 90 (90min) flammable safety cabinets from Jeio Tech are suitable for storage in accordance with EN14470-l. These new safety storage cabinets are secure, robust and offer a range of safety features, as standard. Both tall and low profile models are available, in single- and double-door configurations.

Chromatography cabinets

Highly configurable cabinets designed to keep your chromatography systems cool and protected. All models come with temperature alarms, and can be fitted with an additional over temperature cut-out which cuts power to the chromatography system or laboratory equipment, if refrigeration stops. Read more about chromatography cabinets and contact us to discuss your requirement.

Faster Robot safety cabinet

Whilst your laboratory robot performs its automated work, Faster’s robot microbiological safety cabinet protects the product, laboratory personnel and the environment from contamination. The SafeFAST XXL robot safety cabinet is a large Class II cabinet with reinforced worksurface and fully opening front window – ideal for accommodating automation robots used for many laboratory tasks.

PCR cabinets

Safeguard your samples against contamination with our PCR workstations from Jeio Tech and Faster.
Please contact us to discuss Faster’s new PCR FAST cabinet, which features LED UV lighting for efficient sterilisation.

If you would like to find out more about any of these products or how we can support customers as an LUPC Framework supplier, please contact us: enquiries@medlinescientific.co.uk.