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Robot Safety Cabinets

NEW from Faster S.r.l robot safety cabinets

A robot safety cabinet is an extra-large microbiological safety cabinet that is big enough to accommodate a laboratory robot. Whilst your laboratory robot performs its automated work, Faster’s robot microbiological safety cabinet protects the product, laboratory personnel and the environment from contamination.

SafeFAST XXL Robot safety cabinets

The SafeFAST XXL models are large, modified Class II microbiological safety cabinets. Their reinforced worksurface and fully opening front window make them ideal for housing automation robots used in labs for tasks such liquid handling, filling, pipetting etc. Fasters’ robot safety cabinets can support up to 500kg. Four standard models are available in the range with working a width of 1190mm through to 2256mm; all with a working height of 800mm and depth of 1000mm.

Special features:
  • Front sash/window can be opened fully (800mm) to make access and cleaning easy
  • AISI 304L stainless steel, reinforced segmented work surface for loads of up to 500kg

Standard features from Faster:

Alongside their custom features, the SafeFAST XXL cabinets boast the same features and benefits as Faster’s regular-sized biological safety cabinets:

  • Patented equaliser downflow for unparalleled laminar airflow distribution over the entire work surface
  • Two IP66 electrical sockets, as standard
  • Bright LED lighting:  >1500 lux for the largest robot cabinet
  • Optional UV sterilising lamp

In addition, a full range of options and accessories is available for the SafeFAST XXL cabinets, including service taps, data sockets, arm rest, casters, stands and VHP decontamination.

Sustainability features:

Faster cabinets are designed to minimise environmental impact and as such incorporate the following technology and attributes:

  • ECS® (Eco Controlling System) microprocessor optimises power consumption
  • Cabinet components are 99% recyclable
  • Low pressure-drop filters enable power savings of up to 30%
  • Faster’s factory uses 100% renewable energy
  • Manufacturing processes implemented to collect/reuse/recycle all iron, stainless steel and aluminium sheet used in cabinet assembly

Over and above the standard list of options and accessories, the SafeFAST XXL cabinets can be customised to suit customers’ needs and applications. Please contact us to discuss your requirements in detail: enquiries@medlinescientific.co.uk.