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Sustainable Service Solutions

We’re proud to offer a range of sustainable service solutions to help our customers improve their energy efficiency and reduce their carbon footprint.

Our sustainable service solutions are designed to prolong the working life of laboratory equipment, improve running efficiency and provide bespoke solutions and services for laboratories looking to work more sustainably.

All of these services can be tailored to meet your needs, so please contact us to discuss your exact requirements.      

Refrigeration health checks and service contracts

Both our Mediserv servicing contracts and our health checks can help keep your laboratory refrigeration units running smoothly and efficiently. These scheduled checks should also help to prolong the life cycle of your fridges, freezers and ULTs. Our engineers will advise on any recommended preventative maintenance and inform you of any detected faults. Undertaking regular maintenance can prevent unplanned downtime, but also the environmental impact associated with travel, repairs, and the transportation of units and spare parts etc.

Green upgrade for laboratory refrigeration

Our green upgrade solution provides older refrigeration units with a new greener lease of life. Our engineers will retrofit a new green compressor and green gases to improve the efficiency and extend the working life of your laboratory freezers. This sustainable service solution can help laboratories to reduce their energy consumption and their carbon footprint.

Bespoke energy monitoring for laboratory equipment

Energy monitoring of your laboratory equipment can be a useful way to keep track of your energy use. In addition, installing energy monitors can highlight if a piece equipment is not operating efficiently. It may be that the unit is due a service or needs a repair. We can offer a tailored monitoring service to meet your laboratory’s needs.

Refrigeration decommissioning

The bespoke decommissioning service solution is aimed at organisations running multiple refrigeration units from the same manufacturer. Our experienced engineers can decommission older units, whilst salvaging spare parts. Whenever possible, spare parts are reconditioned for use in the remaining fridges / freezers.

Laboratory ULT freezer hire/loan service

Our ULT hire service provides laboratories with a cost-effective on-site solution for short-, medium- and long-term storage requirements. The tailored service solution is ideal for a number of scenarios.

Short-term contracts are available while your freezer is being defrosted, cleaned or repaired. They can also assist laboratories carrying out small-scale stock clearance and re-labelling exercises.

Medium-term contracts are available for laboratories introducing a new inventory management system or undertaking an extensive stock checking or re-labelling activity. Hiring, rather than purchasing, units can also work well for customers that have a temporary requirement for increased storage capacity for a particular project, such as a clinical trial.

Finally, our long-term contracts suit laboratories lacking the budget to purchase a freezer. Such customers benefit from hassle-free maintenance and the possibility to upgrade to a larger capacity unit when needed.

If you would like to find out more about Medline Scientific’s Sustainable service solutions, please contact Jon Balmforth, Refrigeration Service Manager on 07776 687789 or visit our Services microsite.