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pE-800 8-channel Illumination System

NEW from CoolLED

The new pE-800 8-channel Illumination System from CoolLED features eight powerful, efficient and independently controllable LEDs. With fast TTL switching, the pE-800 offers high quality data with low total cost of ownership.


  • 8 selectable channels provide versatility: any channels selectable simultaneously (at 100%)
  • Individual control of LED wavelengths: for reduced background noise
  • Broad spectral coverage: 365 to 740nm, covering DAPI-Cy7
  • Industry-leading <7 µs TTL triggering: for high-speed imaging
  • Removable inline excitation filter holders: no moving parts for high-speed imaging
  • Optimised irradiance control: 1% steps (2 to 100%); fine control from 0 to 2%
  • Three year warranty

8-channel illumination: mix and match

The efficient LEDs offer broad spectral coverage (365nm* to 740nm) suitable for use with fluorophores (DAPI to Cy7). Since the choice of fluorophore is not limited by the light source, selection can be based on application requirements.

  • Each channel can be individually controlled
  • LED can be selected to perfectly match the selected fluorophores
  • Improved signal-to-noise ratio for contrast-rich images

Eight analogue inputs allow irradiance to be controlled (0 to 100%) for each channel by analogue signal (0 to 10V) – ideal for electrophysiology and optogenetics applications.

High-speed events: industry-leading TTL triggering

The ultra-fast <7µs TTL switching means that dynamic events can be captured with the highest temporal resolution, and without software. Ideal for live cell imaging.

Sequence Runner function

The pE-800 8-channel Illumination System includes the Sequence Runner function. This transforms a manual microscope into an affordable and powerful eight-channel automated imaging system and makes high-end LED technology more accessible to life science researchers.

  • Unique 8-channel Sequence Runner
  • Adds versatility to the pE-800’s lightning fast TTL switching
  • Cost-effective Illumination System

Sustainable illumination

The pE-800 8-channel Illumination System provides users with reliable performance, quiet operation and low energy consumption. CoolLED lighting products are mercury-free providing a less hazardous, more sustainable option for laboratories. The advantages over traditional mercury lighting include:

  • Mercury-free: safer in use and in disposal
  • Energy efficient
  • Long lifetime with no bulb replacements
  • Reduced risk of eye damage

Visit our Sustainable Solutions microsite to find out more.

If you would like to find out more about the pE-800 or any other CoolLED system, please contact us on: enquiries@medlinescientific.co.uk

*pE-800 is also available with 400nm LED for compatibility with existing filter sets.