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Bio-repository service

Off-site storage solutions for laboratories

Our Oxfordshire-based bio-repository service enables customers to increase their storage capacity without impacting their laboratory workspace. We offer tailored, affordable storage solutions within our secure bio-repository facility. Our flexible service can accommodate short-term and long-term storage requirements, from +4°C through to -150°C.


The secure HTA-licenced facility provides a controlled environment with continuous environmental and temperature monitoring. All refrigeration units are monitored with online temperature tracking and are temperature calibrated annually to ensure precise storage conditions. ULT freezers with dual compressors are available for added security and peace of mind.

In addition, we can provide secure transportation for your samples, with in-transit monitoring.

  • HTA-licenced facility
  • Continuous environmental tracking and monitoring
  • Fully-calibrated storage units
  • Dual compressor freezers available for added security
  • Online temperature monitoring of refrigeration units 
  • Transportation with in-transit tracking   

We are licenced by the Human Tissue Authority for storage of relevant material which has come from a human body for use for a scheduled purpose. Licence number: 12710.


We can assist with various storage requirements, with solutions for storing samples at +4°C, -20°C, -80°C and -150°C. Customers can choose to store their samples in one of our ULT freezers; these units are serviced regularly and calibrated annually. This removes the hassle of freezer maintenance and repairs.

Otherwise, customers can site one or more of their ULTs, freezers or fridges in our secure bio-repository facility. With this solution, we will include regular health checks and annual servicing.

To meet various demands, we can offer short- and long-term storage contracts. Short-term contracts are ideal for customers that are relocating or laboratories in need of a short-term storage ‘stopgap’.

Alternatively, customers may need long-term storage for a research project. By storing samples off-site, valuable lab space can be reserved for samples and reagents needed day-to-day.

  • Tailored contracts for short- and long-term requirements
  • Flexible storage solutions from +4 to -150°C
  • Option to site your own units within our bio-repository facility


Our new bio-repository is conveniently located in Oxfordshire and allows laboratories to reclaim valuable laboratory space.

  • Oxfordshire location
  • Reclaim your laboratory work space
  • Let us worry about the servicing, maintenance and calibration

If you would like to find out more about Medline Scientific’s bio-repository service, please contact Jon Balmforth, Refrigeration Service Manager on 07776 687789 or visit our Services microsite.