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Genlab E3 drying cabinets

Not all drying cabinets are equal…

The E3 drying cabinets from Genlab are featured in our Sustainable Solutions portfolio. Here’s why:

Traditional drying cabinets are typically designed for drying laboratory glassware and consumables. They tend to be large capacity and poorly insulated, and as a result consume large amounts of energy compared with a standard laboratory oven. When in use, they can get very hot on the outside and release large amounts of heat into the laboratory.

However, Genlab decided to take a new approach with their drying cabinets: one designed to offer a more energy efficient solution for drying laboratory glassware. Developed in conjunction with the University of Cambridge, their E3 cabinets include a number of features and benefits to reduce running costs and improve safety.

Genlab E3 insulated drying and warming cabinets, left to right: 885L model; 100L model; 425L model
Fresh approach:

Firstly, they added insulation… Not only does this lower running costs, it also makes the units safer to use as the temperature of the external skin/surface remains lower. Adding insulation also reduces heat output into the laboratory helping to reduce air conditioning (HVAC) costs.

Next, Genlab included a 7-day timer to enable the drying cabinets to be programmed to switch on/off to meet the end-user’s needs. This solution means that cabinets should not be left on for longer than necessary (e.g. overnight) and as result can help laboratories reduce their energy usage.

Genlab didn’t stop there; they added fan circulated models to their E3 range. Adding a fan might seem counter-intuitive as fan-assisted models use more energy (kWh/day) than their natural circulation counterparts. However, fan-assisted models can dry loads up to twice a quickly meaning that their overall energy consumption per drying load is actually lower.

The E3’s microprocessor control system allows precise temperature setting with good internal temperature accuracy and stability (with less overshoot) for improved energy efficiency. For added safety and better temperature stability, larger units in the range also feature double glazing.

When taken together, the E3 cabinets offer low energy consumption: >50% lower compared with traditional drying cabinets*. And the latest modification – the built-in energy meter – means that laboratories can easily track their energy usage. Genlab cabinets are also manufactured in the UK – even better for your carbon footprint!

In addition to their sustainability credentials, the E3 cabinets are available with a range of bespoke and off-the-shelf options such as: temperature and energy logging; alarms; calibration; brackets and stands; extraction units etc.

If you would like to find out more, please contact us: enquiries@medlinescientific.co.uk
Or visit our Sustainable Solutions microsite.

Tips for saving energy when using laboratory drying cabinets
  • Use the timer function, so that cabinets are not left on unnecessarily or overnight
  • Heat drying cabinets to the minimum temperature needed for the application
  • Close the adjustable vent (unless humidity within the cabinet needs to be reduced)
  • Minimise door openings
  • Ensure that door seals are well maintained and that the door is closed properly

*Independent case studies showing the energy savings are available on request.