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Biochrom WPA new life science spectrophotometers

Introducing the Biowave 3 and 3+ UV/Vis life science spectrophotometers

An updated version of the highly popular and reliable Biowave family of UV/Vis life science spectrophotometers has recently been released. The new range offers built-in life science methods, a variety of options for data export, and sees the introduction of the all new ‘CT’ colour touch screen models.

Biowave 3 and Biowave 3+ CT
New Biowave 3 and 3+

The Biowave 3 and 3+ life science spectrophotometers are suitable for research-grade applications whilst still being robust and economical enough for use by students and teaching labs.

Built-in life science methods and capabilities include:

  • Pre-programmed methods for DNA, RNA, Oligos, proteins and cell density
  • Nucleic acid scans for purity checking
  • Low volume capability with microvolume cuvettes
  • Flexible data export options: USB drive, printer and Bluetooth®
  • 3nm bandwidth Biowave 3+ version for higher resolution

Yet, the Biowave 3 and 3+ remain well-priced, robust and practical:

  • Low profile (can be easily stored in racks) and stackable
  • Simple membrane keypad (Biowave 3)
  • Robust with no moving parts
  • Software simulators for writing practicals
  • Two year instrument warranty (3 year warranty on Xenon lamp)

New Biowave 3+ CT (Colour Touch)

The new CT versions of the Biowave 3+ come with a colour touch screen and an initiative icon/app-based interface. All models have a bandwidth of 3nm and come loaded with a menu of the most common fluorescent dyes used to specifically target nucleic acids and proteins.

  • Easy to use 5 inch colour touch screen
  • Distinguish multiple samples by colour on graph overlays
  • Focus on areas of interest with zoom and track functions
  • Additional fluorescence applications as standard

If you would like to find out more or request a demonstration, please contact us: enquiries@medlinescientific.co.uk