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Laboratory Energy Monitoring and Energy Audits

Understand and address your energy usage In collaboration with our supplier partner, KoolZone, we able to offer our customers bespoke laboratory energy monitoring and energy audits. What is an energy audit? An energy audit of your laboratory or building will focus on the equipment and systems that impact energy consumption most heavily, such as HVAC, […]

Julabo Energy-efficient Circulators with Natural Refrigerant

MAGIO MS-449F refrigerated circulators

New additions to our Sustainable Solutions portfolio We’ve added three Julabo circulators to our Sustainable Solutions portfolio. Models CORIO CD-449F, DYNEO DD-449F, and MAGIO MS-449F (21 to 30 litre capacity) have been developed with energy efficiency in mind. Energy Efficiency: All three models incorporate a speed-controlled compressor which makes the 449F units more energy efficient […]

Sustainable lab practices: Laboratory freezers and ULTs

Sustainable Laboratory Practices

Laboratories use lots of energy, far more than your average office [1]. However, many scientists are keen to reduce their carbon footprint and work more sustainably. The majority of laboratories will have at least one freezer and it will be running 24/7. However, there are still steps you can take to improve efficiency and reduce […]

Sustainable laboratory practices

Sustainable Laboratory Practices

Laboratories consume large quantities of energy; using 4-6 times (per m2) more than your average office.[1] This article highlights a number of sustainable laboratory practices, some of which, might be appropriate for your daily workflows. Energy-usage in laboratories The majority of labs will have several pieces of equipment running for long periods of time such […]

Top 10 Water-saving tips for Laboratories

Sustainable Laboratory Practices

For World Water Day, we’ve brought together our top 10 water-saving tips for laboratories that are looking to work more sustainably. Water-usage in laboratories Laboratories are large users of resources; both water and energy. Water usage in labs can be considerable with many having one or more of the following: ice machines, autoclaves, glasswashers, water […]