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Save your lab energy and costs with LEEC Eco Drying Cabinets

Designed to efficiently dry laboratory glassware and with a temperature range of 30 to 80 °C, LEEC drying cabinets have been an industry staple for many customers, providing trouble-free use in many sectors, year after year.

Maintaining the same versatility and drying experience, alongside additional environmentally beneficial cost savings, LEEC developed their Eco drying cabinets, with efficient thermal insulation on 5 sides to restrict heat escape, increase operational efficiencies and reduce running costs. The drying cabinets are built to last, with double glazed doors* and anti-microbial powder coat paint on the exterior.

Key features:

Designed to minimise heat loss in the lab with double skinned construction and thermal insulation, the LEEC Eco drying cabinets retain heat inside the chamber for longer.

With programmable heating cycle times and an illuminated digital display, Eco drying cabinets switch off heating elements outside of programmed drying time.

Chamber temperature can be monitored closely and in real-time with tri-colour display digital temperature controller, allowing users precise temperature control.

Plus, they’re manufactured in the UK to reduce carbon footprint!

Together, these features enable significant energy savings** compared with their non-insulated versions. Visit product pages for full specifications:

LEEC ECO SS Drying Cabinet, 113 Litre with Natural Circulation
LEEC ECO LS Drying Cabinet, 227 Litre with Natural Circulation
LEEC ECO FC2 Drying Cabinet, 426 Litre with Fan Circulation
LEEC ECO FC1 Drying Cabinet, 885 Litre with Fan Circulation

Please visit our website to discover more products within our Sustainable Solutions portfolio, or contact us: enquiries@medlinescientific.com.

*Two larger units (ECO FC1 and ECO FC2 only) have double glazed doors only.
** Full energy consumption data available on request