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New Cold Storage additions: Liebherr 5501 Fridges and Freezers

We have introduced three new lines to our cold storage range from Liebherr, including the SRFvg 5501 Performance Laboratory Refrigerator, SFFvh 5501 Perfection Laboratory Freezer and SFFfg 5501 Performance Spark Free Laboratory Freezer.

The new units all provide good temperature stability (EN 60068-3) and use environmentally-friendly refrigerants, delivering energy-efficient operation alongside low global warming potential. Plus, they’re manufactured in Europe to minimise carbon footprint!

All Liebherr units are robust and reliable, with 10-year spare parts availability and designed for a service life of 15 years.

Read on to learn more about the range…

SRFvg 5501 Performance Laboratory Refrigerator

Ideal for basic lab refrigeration requirements, featuring fan cooling and automatic defrost. Temperature range of +3 °C to +16 °C, with a maximum deviation of only ±3 °C from the set temperature. Equipped with new touchscreen controller with intuitive menu navigation and built-in data alarm memory.

  • Net capacity: 441 L
  • Easy-to-clean interior
  • Cleanroom compatible
  • Mechanical lock
  • Energy consumption per year: 250 kWh/a

Find out more about the SRFvg 5501 refrigerator here.

SFFfg 5501 Performance Spark Free Laboratory Freezer

Ideal for basic lab freezer requirements, with static cooling and temperature range of -9 °C to -30 °C (maximum deviation of 3.3 °C).

  • Net capacity: 394 L
  • Touch screen controller and built-in data logger alarm memory
  • SmartFrost significantly reduces frost build-up on freezer and stored products, meaning defrosting is required less frequently
  • ATEX rated for the safe storage of flammables and solvents
  • Energy consumption per year: 516 kWh/a

Find out more about the SFFfg 5501 freezer here.

SFFvh 5501 Perfection Laboratory Freezer

Designed for pharmaceutical and biotech applications, with fan cooling and a temperature range of -9 °C to -35 °C, with a maximum deviation of 4.4 °C from the set temperature.

  • Net capacity: 257 L
  • NoFrost technology eliminates the requirement for defrosting and provide convenient, safe, and ice-free storage
  • Ultraefficient manufacturing ensures savings potential in every component; from compressors to seals, lighting to electronics
  • SmartMonitoring allows users to monitor all measurement data, operating data and appliance status at a glance, plus alarm notifications in the event of faults, errors, temperature deviations and open doors
  • Energy consumption per year: 540 kWh/a

Find out more about the SFFvh 5501 freezer here.

To learn more about the new range, visit the product pages above, or contact us:  enquiries@medlinescientific.com.