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Histology Equipment

To support our customers’ histology and cytology workflows, we have a large portfolio of histology equipment, consumables, and service solutions.

This portfolio includes histology equipment to assist with embedding and microtomy such as cold plates, histology ovens, slide drying hot plates, section mounting baths, and microscopes. Along with laboratory freezers and fridges for specimen storage, carousel machines for automated staining, and cabinets for block and slide archiving.

We’ve picked just ten highlights from our extensive range of histology equipment, so please get in touch if you don’t see what you need, or browse our latest histology supplies catalogue and request a quotation.

1) ESP/3/0/011.1: Cold Plate, Stand-Alone

A stand-alone cold plate with a small footprint (WxDxH: 410 x 605 x 405mm) and high capacity working area. The fast freezing eco-compressor means that the cold plate quickly reaches its working temperature (-10°C).

  • Cold area is flat and easy to clean

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2) ESP/3/0/012.1 High Capacity Cold Plate with Lid

This cold plate shares many of the features listed above, but comes with a sunken cooling area that can be covered with a plexiglass lid for improved effectiveness and efficiency. Whilst the footprint is small (WxDxH: 410 x 605 x 405mm), the cooling chamber can accommodate up to 300 blocks after embedding; ready for sectioning.

  • Temperature of cooling chamber: -10°C

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3) ESP/3/0/014.1 Slide Drying Hot Plate, Slimline

The slide drying hotplate has a flat, black anodised heated working surface that enables a more consistent heat transfer compared to wires or racks. The digital temperature controller allows a consistent temperature to be set and maintained (+20°C to +90°C). The flat working surface is easy to clean.

  • Slimline design, WxDxH: 150 x 380 x 100mm

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4) ESP/3/0/006.1 ESP/3/0/015.1 Section Mounting Bath and Slide Dryer

A section mounting bath with integrated slide dryer for efficient use of bench top space. The Pyrex section bath is removable for easy filling and emptying. The slide dryer has a flat, anodised heated working surface for more consistent heat transfer, compared to wires or racks.

The bath and dryer have their own temperature control to enable user optimisation.

  • Overall dimensions, WxDxH: 350 x 365 x 155mm
  • Slide dryer capacity: 24 slides

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5) ESP/3/0/006.1 Low Profile Histology Section Mounting Water Bath, Round with Lid

This low profile, circular section mounting bath has a black anodised coating that makes section visibility easier. The internal insulation and lid (supplied) ensure a consistent temperature. The low bath rim allows sections to be floated and lifted comfortably.

  • Dimensions, øxH: 345 x 100mm
  • Temperature range: +30°C to +80°C

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Along with specialist histology equipment, we also supply supporting laboratory equipment:

6) 2738.0000M Ceti Magnum-PH Trinocular Compound Microscope with LED Illumination, Phase Contrast Slides

A popular economically priced configuration suitable for both brightfield and phase contrast applications. The Ceti Magnum biological microscopes offer modern ergonomic features to ensure a comfortable viewing position for prolonged use.

These upright microscopes are ideal for the examination of slide-mounted samples in QC and research.

  • Widefield 10X, FN20 eyepieces and LED illumination
  • 10X, 20X, 40X and 100X Phase Contrast Infinity Corrected Plan Achromatic Objectives
  • Camera port for connection to digital camera (not supplied)

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7) Olympus BX43 Upright Binocular Microscope with LED Illumination

The BX43 is a modular clinical microscope suitable for every clinical application. The true colour LED illumination is designed specifically for clinical samples such as H&E stained tissue.

The BX43 biological microscope is a fully flexible system that can be configured to meet the optical and ergonomic requirements of any clinical laboratory. It can be easily customised for polarization, phase contrast, and fluorescence with a host of modular options.

The Light Intensity Manager sets correct the light level for each magnification, reducing eye fatigue and improving work efficiency.

  • High quality objectives for excellent optical performance for flat images
  • 20,000 hour LED life time with low power consumption for reduced running costs

View brightfield configuration in catalogue or get in touch to discuss the right configuration for you applications.

8) Precipoint O8 Microscope and Scanner

A unique solution for oil immersion whole slide scanning, real-time scanning and general digital microscopy. The O8 is ideal for demanding applications such as haematology and oncology research.

Local and remote users can examine specimens using low magnification and high power oil immersion objectives.

Having access to whole slide digital images helps users to simplify and standardise their work, thereby increasing efficiency and quality. Aids collaboration as samples can be accessed from anywhere, at any time.

  • Whole slide imaging with objectives from 20X to 100X oil
  • Instantly navigate across slides with real-time scanning
  • Accelerate and digitise workflow
  • Cloud storage and powerful image analysis tools

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9) Stirling Ultracold Energy-Efficient ULT Freezers

Stirling Ultracold’s innovative ultra-low temperature (ULT) freezers allow laboratories to reduce their energy usage and running costs, and save valuable lab space.

There are currently three models within the Stirling range, all of which incorporate their novel free-piston Stirling engine rather than traditional compressor-based refrigeration and offer a wide temperature range of -20 to -86°C. The large-capacity 780L model runs on as little as 6.67kWh/day (at -75°C), whilst the 25L model is the only truly portable ULT freezer on the market. The 105L SU105UE freezer delivers full performance ultra-low temperature storage, in an under bench configuration.

To find out more about these energy-saving laboratory freezers, visit the product pages, or read our article.

10) Liebherr LGUex 1500 Spark-free Under Bench Freezer

The 139L LGUex 1500 MediLine under bench laboratory freezer is featured in our Sustainable Solutions collection. Liebherr’s MediLine range delivers high performance and high efficiency.

The temperature can be set between -9 and -26°C (with 0.1°C accuracy). This ability to accurately set the temperature combined with reliable operation and long life cycle can assist customers trying to reduce their energy usage* and improve their sustainability.

  • Integrated alarms
  • ATEX 95 rated spark free
  • Suitable for temperature-sensitive samples, and flammable and explosive substances

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In addition to the laboratory equipment listed above, we also offer an extensive range of histology supplies, such as microscope slides, stains, embedding cassettes, PRAME antibody etc. These can be found in our Histology and Cytology catalogue. Alternatively, check out our Top 5 histology consumables article.

If you would like more information or to request a quotation, please contact us: 01865 400321 | enquiries@medlinescientific.co.uk.

*Freezers can be accurately set for -20°C rather than operating at a cooler temperature. This helps to reduce energy consumption. Case studies available on request.