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Histology Supplies – Our Top 5 Essentials

We rank our favourite histology supplies

Medline Scientific has been a histology supplier to scientific and healthcare organisations for over 30 years. We’re an authorised distributor for Trajan pathology supplies in the UK and, as such, we are able to supply a wide range of high-quality microscope slides, coverslips, and histology consumables.

Our portfolio of histology supplies is greatly enhanced with a comprehensive range of laboratory consumables and supplies to cover complete histology and cytology workflows… everything customers need to prepare, preserve, cut, stain, and view.

Here, we have outlined our ‘top picks’ lab consumables for histology applications:

  1. PRAME: Preferentially Expressed Antigen in Melanoma
  2. Special staining kits
  3. One-step tissue marking dyes
  4. Premium microtome blades
  5. Trajan adhesion microscope slides

1) PRAME: Preferentially Expressed Antigen in Melanoma

PRAME is a CE IVD immunohistochemical marker that can be used to assist in the differentiation between benign and malignant tumours. Read more about its diagnostic value.

  • IVD approved
  • Ideal for use as part of a melanoma panel
  • Available as ready-to-use or concentrate

PRAME antibody is available ready-to-use (1 x 7ml) or as concentrate (1 x 1ml).

2) Special Staining Kits

Medline Scientific can offer a large range of easy-to-use competitively-priced special staining kits.

  • Ideal for labs looking for reproducibility

We have listed just three of the most popular kits below, but many more are available.

Bio-Optica MGG quick stain kit, 0.5 L (kit)
2 bottles of reagent A + 1 bottle of reagent B + 1 bottle of reagent C

Bio-Optica Gordon-Sweet for Reticulum Fibres (100 Tests)

Bio-Optica Congo Red (100 Tests)

Our dedicated histology brochure lists a larger selection of the most commonly used staining kits. However, if you do not see what you need, please get in touch. We can also supply manual staining sets which are ideally suited for use with these special staining kits. 12-dish and 3-dish versions are available.

3) Tissue Marking Dyes

These dyes provide distinctive and permanent colours that do not ‘bleed’ into surrounding tissue or wash out during tissue processing. No pre- or post-treatment steps are required before or after application.

Dyes are completely organic and atoxic making them suitable for use in theatres at tissue source, and in the laboratory.

  • One step tissue marking dyes: No pre- or post-treatment steps required
  • Organic and atoxic
  • Permanent colours; non-bleeding
  • Suitable for use in theatre and labs

Suitable for use on fresh and frozen tissue, meaning specimens can be inked in the theatre as well as the lab.

View brochure for ordering information.

One Step Tissue Marking Dye – Orange, 240ml or 30ml  

One Step Tissue Marking Dye – Yellow, 240ml or 30ml   

One Step Tissue Marking Dye – Green, 240ml or 30ml

One Step Tissue Marking Dye – Blue, 240ml or 30ml

One Step Tissue Marking Dye – Purple, 240ml or 30ml

One Step Tissue Marking Dye – Black, 240ml or 30ml      

One Step Tissue Marking Dye – Red, 240ml or 30ml

4) Trajan Microtome Blades

Trajan microtome blades provide exceptional cutting and longevity for a wide range of tissue specimens. The unique coating and innovative edge deliver excellent durability and enable smooth, precise tissue sectioning.

Blades are suitable for all microtomy and cryotomy applications. From skin biopsies to more fibrous uterine tissue, Trajan blades will reproduce thin sections with ease.

  • Designed for use with any type of tissue
  • 35˚ cutting angle
  • Ideal blade for routine histology work
  • Low and high profile available

Why not request a sample pack by emailing enquiries@medlinescientific.co.uk?*

5) Trajan Series 3 Adhesive Microscope Slides, large frost

Trajan’s Series 3 Adhesive microscope slides are manufactured with a specialised fortified adhesion coating that provides improved tissue sample adherence and extensibility.

Each slide is made of fine glass with excellent flatness and transmittance with minimal intrinsic fluorescence.

  • Optimised for immunostaining with minimal background staining and adhesion
  • Manufactured using high-quality extra plane float glass

Sample packs are available, please enquire: enquiries@medlinescientific.co.uk?*

We offer a complete range of equipment, instrumentation, consumables, and services for histology and cytology workflows. For further information or to request a quotation, please contact us: 01865 400321 / enquiries@medlinescientific.co.uk.

*Limited to one sample pack per customer.