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Stirling Ultracold ULT freezers: NEW ARRIVAL

Medline Scientific is the new United Kingdom partner for Stirling Ultracold; we’re proud to bring their range of ULT freezers to our UK customers.

Stirling Ultracold’s -80°C ultra-low temperature (ULT) freezers feature innovative technology allowing laboratories to benefit from significant energy savings and improved sustainability.

The freezers operate between -20 and -86°C, but do not use traditional cascade refrigeration or compressor-based technology. Instead, they use patented free-piston Stirling engine technology, which delivers improved energy efficiency and less heat output*. This revolutionary range of ULT freezers is ideal for those working in life science, biotechnology, academia, clinical research and healthcare.

There are currently three models—all of which are available from Medline Scientific.

Stirling Ultracold ULT freezers:

ULT25NEU, 25 Litre ULT freezer

The portable ULT25NEU (25L) model is unique in the marketplace in offering a truly portable ULT solution. Biologic/biological medicines and specimens can be safely stored and transported to and from remote locations and directly to patients. The ULT25NEU ULT freezer can operate from any 110-240V power source or even a 12V DC source with a car/vehicle adapter or alternative-energy power sources, such as solar and wind energy.

SU105UE, 105 Litre ULT freezer

The compact SU105UE model (105L) incorporates the same free-piston Stirling engine technology in bench top or under bench format. Its industry-leading temperature range (-20 to -86°C) makes the SU105UE ULT freezer suitable for warming samples/biologics in stages. Other features include SenseAnywhere wireless technology for 24/7 remote temperature tracking and ultra-low power consumption (<4kWh/day at -80°C).*

SU780XLE, 780 Litre ULT freezer

The SU780XLE (780L) ULT freezer is reliable and energy-efficient* due to its free-piston Stirling engine. It offers excellent temperature consistency (±1°C at steady state) and quick recovery after door-openings. With its high-density sample storage, the SU780XLE provides the largest storage capacity per m of floor space. Its low energy usage combined with low maintenance requirements, reduced floor space and long life cycle, mean that the SU780XLE has the lowest total cost of ownership for any ULT.

Medline Scientific is excited to be working with Stirling Ultracold to bring these innovative ULT freezers to our UK customers. Please contact us for more information: enquiries@medlinescientific.co.uk.

*To find out more about Stirling Ultracold’s sustainability features, please visit our Sustainable Solutions microsite.