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NEW -150°C Cryogenic freezers from Arctiko

We’ve introduced two new -150°C cryogenic freezers to our laboratory refrigeration range.

Arctiko’s -150°C cryogenic freezers offer reliable cryogenic storage with independent TRUE DUAL™ compressor technology.

With secure sample storage down to -150°C, these freezers are suitable for a variety of long-term storage requirements such as preservation of cells, DNA, bone material and bacteria.

Two models are available; the 171L CRYO 170 and 233L CRYO 230.

Energy efficient

The independent TRUE DUAL™ technology enables low cost of ownership and noticeable impact on running costs. These cryogenic freezers are a good alternative to liquid nitrogen based products, such as cryotanks. The CRYO freezers operate on power supply alone—no LN2 needed—which helps reduce operating costs.

  • CRYO 170 freezer, power consumption: 31kWh/24h
  • CRYO 230 freezer, power consumption: 33kWh/24h

Excellent performance

The dual cooling system is designed to keep the freezers at -150°C. With only one cooling system active, the units are still able to achieve -130°C (uniformity of ±3°C).

The TRUE DUAL™ technology offers secure and reliable cryogenic storage with excellent temperature stability and performance. This makes them suitable for long-term storage requirements at ultra low temperature.

Secure choice

Arctiko’s CRYO freezers remove the cost of LN2 storage maintenance and any of the associated operational hazardous. They are designed to provide a more environmentally friendly and economical alternative to the LN2 cryostorage.

Standard features

  • Key locks on door handle
  • User-friendly controller with LED display
  • Temperature chart recorder
  • Audio-visual alarms; volt-free contacts for remote alarm (e.g. GSM module)
  • Alarms for: Power failure; high/low temperature (adjustable); probe failure; compressor failure
  • Battery back-up for alarm

Optional accessories include racks and boxes to optimise storage, and GSM alarm module.

If you would like to find out more about our refrigeration products and services, please contact Jon Balmforth, Refrigeration Service Manager on 07776 687789 or enquiries@medlinescientific.co.uk.