Ceti is wholly owned by Medline Scientific. The range offers an extensive choice of affordable microscopes and laboratory equipment to suit all budgets. From basic educational needs to the more specialised requirements of the research and clinical scientist, we have the perfect solution.

The Ceti microscope range includes monocular, binocular or trinocular configurations to suit most typical applications and requirements. These microscopes use brightfield, phase contrast, dark field, polarisation or fluorescent light techniques and are supplied with optics ranging from achromatic to infinity corrected planachromatic objectives, depending on the model. All Ceti microscopes are manufactured to the highest specification demanded by the relevant application.

Max III Compound MicroscopesCeti Max III Compound Microscopes

Great for laboratories in colleges/universities, Ceti’s Max III Compound Microscopes are affordable upright biological microscopes that bridge the gap between inexpensive sutdent models and upscale research microscopes. With their freshly designed cord storage feature and carrying handle make the Max III is an excellent choice for teaching laboratories.

They can also be used in industrial and veterinary laboratories as well as waste treatment plants, offering excellent image quality and are supplied with Infinity Corrected Plan Achromatic objectives (expect for the monocular models, which feature Achromatic objectives).

With three different configurations to choose from (binocular, trinocular and monocular), all models feature a strong 3W LED illumination system (Halogen illumination is optional). A mirror attachment is also available for crucial portability where power is not accessible.

The monocular and binocular models have an eyepiece tube inclined at 45°, whereas the trinocular models are more ergonomic being inclined at 30° and have photo port.

Vulan LED Compound MicroscopesCeti Vulan LED Compound Microscopes

Ceti’s LED Compound Microscopes are smart, contemporary compound microscopes that provide optimal operating comfort with their practical construction. Some of their features include an automatic illumination system with auto intensity control on each objective, super widefield 10X FN22 eyepieces for maximum field of view, and an ergonomic tilting trinocular eyepiece tube for comfortable viewing over a long period of time.

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