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0.5x C-Mount Adapter for Ceti Inverso TC-100

SKU: 3157.2055


Allows any dedicated microscope camera with a C-Mount thread to be mounted on a Ceti Inverso TC-100 trinocular microscope. This C-Mount allows a greater field of view to be captured by the camera compared to a 1x C-Mount.

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All modern digital microscope cameras are equipped with a female C-Mount thread and will, therefore, fit onto a C-Mount adapter which has a male C-Mount thread. C-Mount adapters are manufacturer-specific and, in Ceti’s case, model-specific. Please check that the C-Mount adapter you have selected matches the make and model of microscope you wish to mount the camera on. For example, you cannot to use an Olympus C-Mount adapter on a Ceti microscope or vice versa.

Some C-Mount adapters have lenses in them so that the user sees a similar magnification to the one seen through the 10x eyepieces. A 1x C-Mount adapter has no lenses built into it so it means the user sees a narrower field of view than that viewed through the eyepieces and a 0.5x C-Mount has a field of view similar to that seen through 10x eyepieces.

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0.5x C-Mount Adapter for Ceti Inverso TC-100

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