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1x C-Mount Adapter for Ceti Max II Trino Microscopes

SKU: 1202.4888


Allows any dedicated microscope camera with a C-Mount thread to be mounted on a Ceti Max II trinocular microscope.

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All modern digital microscope cameras are equipped with a female C-Mount thread and will, therefore, fit onto a C-Mount adapter which has a male C-Mount thread. C-Mount adapters are manufacturer-specific and, in Ceti’s case, model-specific. Please check that the C-Mount adapter you have selected matches the make and model of microscope you wish to mount the camera on. For example, you cannot to use an Olympus C-Mount adapter on a Ceti microscope or vice versa.

Some C-Mount adapters have lenses in them so that the user sees a similar magnification to the one seen through the 10x eyepieces. A 1x C-Mount adapter has no lenses built into it so it means the user sees a narrower field of view than that viewed through the eyepieces.

Note that the only C-Mount available for the Ceti Max II microscopes is the 1x variant. This limitation is due to the optics within the microscope. Please note, therefore, that the field of view captured by your camera will be narrower than the field of view seen through the eyepieces (as mentioned above).

This C-Mount is specifically for the Max II microscopes. If the intended use is with a Max III then please purchase 1203.4888 instead.

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1x C-Mount Adapter for Ceti Max II Trino Microscopes

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