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Our top picks from Labortops Q1

Another year is here, and so is Labortops Q1! In the first edition of 2024, invest in high-quality lab equipment and consumables without breaking your budget with savings of up to 44% off! Below we’ve picked out some of our favourites… Download catalogue  Binder ED-S Solid.Line Drying and Heating Cabinets with Natural Convection Designed for […]

Festival of Genomics 2024

We’re excited to be attending the Festival of Genomics in London on the 24th and 25th January 2024! Alongside LVL Technologies, our UK sales team will be on our stand to talk all things science with you.On our stand we’ll be showcasing: Register for the Festival of Genomics here: https://festivalofgenomics.com/london/en/page/home We look forward to seeing […]

New additions from Biochrom: Ultrospec 30 Cell Density Meter

We’re excited to add some new products from Biochrom to our portfolio! Introducing the Ultrospec 30 Cell Density Meter… The new Ultrospec 30 from Biochrom saves users time with new standard curve function for absorbance values or McFarland standards, and provides easy and intuitive navigation. The Cell Density Meter is compact, portable and easy to […]

LN2-free, Mechanical Cryogenic Freezers: The Safety and Cost Benefits

Traditional liquid nitrogen (LN2) cryogenic freezers have played a key role in preserving biological samples in scientific research, healthcare and biotechnology fields for decades. However, technological advancements have made way for mechanical cryogenic freezers, which provide a safe, cost-effective, and convenient alternative. These -150 °C chest freezers are suitable for storing various biological specimens such […]

Clinical Laboratory Consumables Catalogue

Inspired Solutions for Microbiology, Biochemistry, Blood Sciences, Histology and Life Sciences. Our new catalogue is out now! Including highlights of our comprehensive range of consumables and services from across the Calibre Scientific portfolio for your lab. You’ll find swabs, Pasteur pipettes and freezer racking from Medline Scientific; ABDOS pipette tips and PCR plates from Elkay […]

NEW Laboratory Centrifuges from Sigma

NEW Laboratory Centrifuges from Sigma

We’re excited to introduce our new range of Sigma centrifuges! Sigma offers high performance, reliable and safe laboratory centrifuges, ranging from powerful benchtop models to large-capacity floor standing models. Whether you require a refrigerated, unrefrigerated, heated, or especially quiet centrifuge, Sigma can offer the right solution for you. We’ve picked a few of the popular […]

New additions to our Laboratory Sustainable Solutions Portfolio

Stirling Ultracold SU780XLE ULT Freezer

We’re always on the look out for products that offer laboratories a more sustainable option. Browse through the latest additions to our laboratory Sustainable Solutions portfolio below: New lab consumables and supplies: Grant’s new Liquid Sanitiser (GRNTSANIT1) prevents contamination and biofilm in laboratory baths without creating any harmful by-products. It’s easy to use and fully […]

Introducing the new Grant Liquid Sanitiser cleaning solution for water baths

NEW Laboratory Centrifuges from Sigma

Formulated with silver stabilised hydrogen peroxide, Grant’s Liquid Sanitiser prevents contamination and biofilm growth in laboratory water baths, static water systems and flotation baths. Supplied in 4 x 1L packs, the sanitiser prevents the build-up of bacteria, algae and contamination in water baths and static water systems. Powerful disinfection ability Silver ions enhance the powerful […]

NEW Ultrospec® 7500 UV-Vis Spectrophotometer from Biochrom

Biochrom’s new Ultrospec 7500 UV-Vis spectrophotometer delivers accurate and reliable results, with advanced performance whilst remaining simple to use. This high-end instrument features a GLP mode and 21 CFR Part 11-compliant Resolution software (optional accessory). Onboard software provides a wide selection of pre-loaded methods for life science applications, including protein and nucleic acid quantification, and […]

Mediline Performance Laboratory Fridges and Freezers

Mediline Performance Laboratory Fridges and Freezers

New from Liebherr Performance Laboratory Refrigeration Ideal for basic laboratory requirements, the SRFfg 4001 Performance fridge and SFFfg 4001 Performance freezer provide good temperature stability (EN 60068-3) and are suitable for storing flammable materials. Both appliances are optimised for maximum energy efficiency and incorporate natural, environmentally friendly refrigerants. When combined with efficient compressors, these refrigerants […]