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NEW Laboratory Centrifuges from Sigma

We’re excited to introduce our new range of Sigma centrifuges!

Sigma offers high performance, reliable and safe laboratory centrifuges, ranging from powerful benchtop models to large-capacity floor standing models. Whether you require a refrigerated, unrefrigerated, heated, or especially quiet centrifuge, Sigma can offer the right solution for you.

We’ve picked a few of the popular models to showcase, but please do contact us for more information on other models or capabilities: enquiries@medlinescientific.com

Sigma 1-14 and 1-14K Microcentrifuges

The Sigma 1-14 and 1-14K microcentrifuge models are extremely easy to operate, as well as being compact, quiet and powerful. With many rotor options, they are versatile and suited for a wide range of applications.

1-14 and 1-14K models are a popular choice for microbiology applications such as DNA, RNA and protein isolation, clinical chemistry, and university research laboratories.

Sigma 1-14 Microcentrifuge with 24×1.5/2.2 ml PP Rotor

Sigma 1-14K Refrigerated Microcentrifuge with 24×1.5/2.2 ml AL Rotor

Sigma 3-16L and 3-16KL Benchtop Laboratory Centrifuges

General-purpose, all-rounder centrifuges which are ideal for many applications in industrial, academic, and clinical settings. The intuitive interface, patented one-button control and illuminated buttons make the 3-16L and 3-16KL easy to operate. These models provide 4 x 400 ml max. capacity.

Sigma 3-16L Benchtop Laboratory Centrifuge

Sigma 3-16KL Refrigerated Laboratory Centrifuge

Sigma 6-16 Series Benchtop Centrifuges

The Sigma 6-16 series of centrifuges are powerful, large capacity centrifuges suitable for a wide variety of routine and research applications. Designed for universal deployment, they offer high throughput with fixed-angle and swing-out rotors. The 6-16 series features impressive RCF values up to 25,419 x g. Available with heating as well as cooling, the 6-16HS offers precise temperature control from -20 to +60 °C.

Sigma 6-16S Bench Top Centrifuge

Sigma 6-16KS Refrigerated Bench Top Centrifuge

Sigma 6-16KHS Refrigerated Bench Top Centrifuge with Heating

Take a look at the other Sigma Centrifuge ranges here: https://www.medlinescientific.co.uk/brands/sigma/

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