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Save your lab energy and costs with LEEC Eco Drying Cabinets

Designed to efficiently dry laboratory glassware and with a temperature range of 30 to 80 °C, LEEC drying cabinets have been an industry staple for many customers, providing trouble-free use in many sectors, year after year. Maintaining the same versatility and drying experience, alongside additional environmentally beneficial cost savings, LEEC developed their Eco drying cabinets, […]

Genlab E3 drying cabinets

Genlab E3 drying cabinet

Not all drying cabinets are equal… The E3 drying cabinets from Genlab are featured in our Sustainable Solutions portfolio. Here’s why: Traditional drying cabinets are typically designed for drying laboratory glassware and consumables. They tend to be large capacity and poorly insulated, and as a result consume large amounts of energy compared with a standard […]