pE-800 8-channel Illumination System

CoolLEDPE illuminationsystem

NEW from CoolLED The new pE-800 8-channel Illumination System from CoolLED features eight powerful, efficient and independently controllable LEDs. With fast TTL switching, the pE-800 offers high quality data with low total cost of ownership. Features: 8 selectable channels provide versatility: any channels selectable simultaneously (at 100%) Individual control of LED wavelengths: for reduced background […]

NEW -150°C Cryogenic freezers from Arctiko

Arctiko °CCryogenicfreezers

We’ve introduced two new -150°C cryogenic freezers to our laboratory refrigeration range. Arctiko’s -150°C cryogenic freezers offer reliable cryogenic storage with independent TRUE DUAL™ compressor technology. With secure sample storage down to -150°C, these freezers are suitable for a variety of long-term storage requirements such as preservation of cells, DNA, bone material and bacteria. Two […]

Stirling Ultracold ULT freezers: NEW ARRIVAL

Three Stirling Ultracold ULT freezers

Medline Scientific is the new United Kingdom partner for Stirling Ultracold; we’re proud to bring their range of ULT freezers to our UK customers. Stirling Ultracold’s -80°C ultra-low temperature (ULT) freezers feature innovative technology allowing laboratories to benefit from significant energy savings and improved sustainability. The freezers operate between -20 and -86°C, but do not […]

Sustainable laboratory practices

Sustainable Laboratory Practices

Laboratories consume large quantities of energy; using 4-6 times (per m2) more than your average office.[1] This article highlights a number of sustainable laboratory practices, some of which, might be appropriate for your daily workflows. Energy-usage in laboratories The majority of labs will have several pieces of equipment running for long periods of time such […]

Top 10 Water-saving tips for Laboratories

Sustainable Laboratory Practices

For World Water Day 2021, we’ve brought together our top 10 water-saving tips for laboratories that are looking to work more sustainably. Water-usage in laboratories Laboratories are large users of resources; both water and energy. Water usage in labs can be considerable with many having one or more of the following: ice machines, autoclaves, glasswashers, […]

Helpful Tips: How to look after your laboratory fridges and freezers

Sustainable Laboratory Practices

Basic maintenance for refrigeration The majority of laboratories require at least one refrigerator and usually a freezer (or freezer compartment) as well. Whether your lab has one fridge, five -20°C freezers or thirty ULTs, they all require regular maintenance. Here, we’ve outlined some basic maintenance steps to help you look after your laboratory fridges and […]