Stirling Ultracold’s ULT freezers: Technology focus

Stirling Ultracold SU780XLE ULT freezer

How innovative technology delivers efficient and reliable ULT storage to laboratories worldwide Fridges, freezers and ultra-low temperature (ULT) freezers are a common sight in laboratories across the world, with many scientific organisations having all three running all day, every day, and often with back-up units in place. Since laboratory ULT freezers can consume between 3,900 […]

Calling all Chromatographers…

Affinity columns

New chromatography columns and resins We are excited to announce that Medline Scientific can now support our customers with a comprehensive range of chromatography columns and resins from UK manufacturer, Protein Ark. Chromatography columns Protein Ark has over 25 years of chromatography experience and manufactures columns suitable for all protein purification requirements. Products include: Pre-packed […]

Medline Scientific: LUPC Framework Supplier

LUPC framework supplier

Laboratory Equipment (General) and Associated Post Installation Services framework: LAB5061 Did you know that Medline Scientific is a supplier on the LUPC Framework: Laboratory Equipment (General) and Associated Post Installation Services framework: LAB5061. As such, we’re here to help our customers find the most appropriate and cost-effective solutions for their applications, workflow and industry. Please […]

Genlab E3 drying cabinets

Genlab E3 drying cabinet

Not all drying cabinets are equal… The E3 drying cabinets from Genlab are featured in our Sustainable Solutions portfolio. Here’s why: Traditional drying cabinets are typically designed for drying laboratory glassware and consumables. They tend to be large capacity and poorly insulated, and as a result consume large amounts of energy compared with a standard […]

Biochrom WPA new life science spectrophotometers

New Biowave 3+ CT (Colour Touch) life science spectrophotometer

Introducing the Biowave 3 and 3+ UV/Vis life science spectrophotometers An updated version of the highly popular and reliable Biowave family of UV/Vis life science spectrophotometers has recently been released. The new range offers built-in life science methods, a variety of options for data export, and sees the introduction of the all new ‘CT’ colour […]

Introducing Ceti microscopes

Laboratory microscopes

A comprehensive and affordable microscope portfolio from Medline Scientific We supply (and stock) a wide range of Ceti microscopes: upright (compound), inverted and stereo microscopes to satisfy the requirements of both tutors and students in educational environments, and also those working in medical and industrial laboratories, QC and research institutes. The portfolio includes monocular, binocular […]

Discover the new Jeio Tech OV4 laboratory vacuum ovens

OV4 vacuum ovens

Jeio Tech has a long history of manufacturing reliable and cost-effective laboratory equipment and scientific testing equipment. Their new vacuum ovens, the OV4 range, supersede the popular OV-11 and OV-12 models, and come with a host of user-friendly and advanced features. Applications Vacuum ovens are commonly used in electrical (e.g. PCB circuits) and bio-pharma manufacturing, […]

Laboratory Safety Storage Cabinets from Jeio Tech

Safety Storage Cabinets

New to our portfolio: Jeio Tech’s safety storage cabinets offer 90 minute fire resistance according to European standard (EN14470-1). This new range of Type 90 safety storage cabinets are robust, secure and come with a number of safety features as standard. Safety features Fire resistance: Type tested in accordance with European standard EN14470-1 [1].Fire test […]

Sustainable lab practices: Laboratory freezers and ULTs

Sustainable Laboratory Practices

Laboratories use lots of energy, far more than your average office [1]. However, many scientists are keen to reduce their carbon footprint and work more sustainably. The majority of laboratories will have at least one freezer and it will be running 24/7. However, there are still steps you can take to improve efficiency and reduce […]

pE-800 8-channel Illumination System

CoolLEDPE illuminationsystem

NEW from CoolLED The new pE-800 8-channel Illumination System from CoolLED features eight powerful, efficient and independently controllable LEDs. With fast TTL switching, the pE-800 offers high quality data with low total cost of ownership. Features: 8 selectable channels provide versatility: any channels selectable simultaneously (at 100%) Individual control of LED wavelengths: for reduced background […]