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Jeio Tech OF4-S Standard Laboratory Ovens

New laboratory ovens with forced convection available!

This new range of laboratory ovens from Jeio Tech features an intuitive 3.5-inch touch screen, microprocessor PID control, and three-point temperature calibration that ensures high temperature accuracy over a wide temperature range.

Forced air convection provides uniform drying performance whilst adjustable dual slide vents enable user adjustment of exhausted air. OF4-S ovens have a corrosion resistant stainless steel chamber and are available in four chamber sizes, from 26 to 147 litres.

Features of OF4-S Standard Laboratory Ovens

Performance and convenience:

  • Temperature range: ambient +10°C to +250°C
  • Wait on/off timer modes (up to 99hr 59min) for scheduling
  • Ovens record the 12 most recent events, such as start/stop of operation, operating time, and error occurrence
  • Hands-free door system to allow users to open the door while carrying samples with both hands


The OF4-S laboratory ovens include a number of safety features for improved user safety, such as:

  • Controller lock function to prevent accidental changes during operation
  • Oven surface remains 70°C or below, even with chamber setpoint of 250°C
  • User-settable upper and lower temperature limits
  • Over-temperature and over-current protection
  • Audio-visual open-door alarms
Images supplied by Jeio Tech.


There are four capacities available; please click on the link provided for more information on each model.

AAH14115K        OF4-03S 26 Litre Standard Forced Convection Oven, Solid Door

AAH14125K        OF4-05S 61 Litre Standard Forced Convection Oven, Solid Door

AAH14135K        OF4-10S 112 Litre Standard Forced Convection Oven, Solid Door

AAH14145K        OF4-15S 147 Litre Standard Forced Convection Oven, Solid Door

Optional accessories and functionality:

All models in the OF4-S range are available with a window door instead of solid door. With optional LC Connected software ovens can be monitored and controlled using a mobile phone. Other options include:

  • RS-232/USB communications port and compatible software for simple control of oven and data management (using PC)
  • Monitor the device temperature on the building management system with optional BMS port

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