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Introducing CBS Isothermal Cryogenic Storage Vessels

Innovative dry LN2 storage solution—ideal for long-term storage!

Cryogenic storage with LN2 is used for the storage of biologic, genomic, and diagnostic samples in many scientific sectors including academia and research, healthcare, biotech, pharma, manufacturing, and technology.

Irrespective of your industry or application, health and safety is a key concern when storing and handling LN2 in and around the laboratory. Strict SOPs, as well as PPE equipment and environmental monitoring are all required to keep personnel safe.

Secondary to this come concerns about your samples during long term storage…

Will samples remain viable?
What about cross-contamination?

Isothermal Cryogenic Storage Vessels

CBS’ Isothermal V-series cryogenic storage vessels offer a unique approach to LN2 cryogenic storage that helps to improve user safety, maximise sample viability during storage, and reduce the risk of cross contamination.

The Isothermal range features innovative jacket technology which provides completely dry storage. LN2 is stored in the jacketed space that surrounds the main storage chamber. This technology distinguishes these vessels from traditional LN2 freezers available on the market.

Dry LN2 cryogenic storage vessels

Health and Safety

Since there is no liquid nitrogen in the sample chamber, personnel are safe from LN2 splashes and spills that could otherwise occur when placing and removing samples. The dry design also prevents LN2 escaping into the laboratory when the lid is opened.

Sample Viability

Isothermal V-series cryogenic storage vessels offer excellent temperature uniformity: ±3°C from top to bottom of the tank. This uniformity should help to maximise sample viability during long term storage. Within the chamber, the temperature is consistently maintained down to -193°C.

LN2 storage vessel
Carousel model

The jacket design results in minimal temperature increase when the lid is opened and prevents LN2 from leaking out of the sample storage area.

A second design benefit is the lid. The standard models have a wide-access lid, so required samples can be easily accessed without having to remove other racks first. On the carousel models, a motorised carousel means that racks can be rotated from outside of the freezer and gives quick access to the rack required. 


Studies have demonstrated that viral, bacterial, and other contaminants can be found in liquid nitrogen making it a potential source of contamination. If vials shrink during storage, liquid nitrogen can leak into samples potentially affecting sample integrity. On re-warming, vials can then expand and burst open.

During cryogenic storage there is a risk that sample containers (bags and vials) may crack or break. If these samples are stored within liquid nitrogen, cross-contamination can then occur.

However, within the Isothermal vessels, the samples are completely isolated from contact with LN2. This dry environment prevents LN2 leaking into samples, reduces any cross-contamination risks, and offers superior sample integrity.

Storage Capacity

Unlike traditional vapour phase vessels which have a few centimetres of liquid nitrogen in the bottom of the storage tank, CBS’ Isothermal vessels have a dry sample chamber. This leaves more room for samples!

If you would like to find out more about these innovative units, please contact us for more information: 01865 400321 | enquiries@medlinescientific.co.uk.

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