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Introducing the new Grant Liquid Sanitiser cleaning solution for water baths

Formulated with silver stabilised hydrogen peroxide, Grant’s Liquid Sanitiser prevents contamination and biofilm growth in laboratory water baths, static water systems and flotation baths.

Supplied in 4 x 1L packs, the sanitiser prevents the build-up of bacteria, algae and contamination in water baths and static water systems.

Powerful disinfection ability

Silver ions enhance the powerful disinfection ability of hydrogen peroxide through oxidisation, allowing continuous residual performance when added to water systems. The stability of the Liquid Sanitiser means potential contaminants are unable to survive and proliferate.

More environmentally-friendly

When discarded with wastewater, the Liquid Sanitiser degrades into water and oxygen, leaving no residues or adverse effects on the environment.


Supplied as a ready-to-use solution, the Liquid Sanitiser comes with a measuring cup for simple and accurate manual dosing.

Simply, add 10 ml per litre into the water bath, then operate your bath as usual. After 7 working day redose with a further 10 ml per litre. The bath should be completely emptied and the process repeated after 4 weeks.

When used at recommended dosage levels, Liquid Sanitiser is non-corrosive to stainless steel and other materials associated with water baths/systems. A materials compatibility chart is available; please contact us for more information.

Product benefits


  • Chlorine and alcohol free formulation
  • No harmful by-products
  • No irritation to nose and throat at dose and in-use levels
  • No toxic gases
  • Fully biodegradable – decomposes to water and oxygen

Use and storage

  • Ready to use
  • Comes with a measuring cup for simple and accurate manual dosing
  • Stable residual activity in water
  • Odour and colour free
  • 2 year shelf life

Please visit the product page for further information and specifications. Alternatively, please contact us to discuss your requirements: enquiries@medlinescientific.com.