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Discover the new Jeio Tech OV4 laboratory vacuum ovens

Jeio Tech has a long history of manufacturing reliable and cost-effective laboratory equipment and scientific testing equipment. Their new vacuum ovens, the OV4 range, supersede the popular OV-11 and OV-12 models, and come with a host of user-friendly and advanced features.


Vacuum ovens are commonly used in electrical (e.g. PCB circuits) and bio-pharma manufacturing, and medical devices. They are suitable for drying materials that are sensitive to higher temperatures. The process of drying with vacuum prevents damage or deformity and completely removes solvents.

Vacuum ovens can also prevent explosions and oxidation that might occur when certain materials come into contact with air. The sealed chamber prevents the release of toxic chemicals into the laboratory. Additionally, they usually offer quicker processing times than standard laboratory ovens.

New features

Jeio Tech’s OV4 vacuum ovens boast a number of new features for improved functionality and user convenience.

  • Five inch colour touch screen for quick and intuitive control. The screen provides excellent visibility of the oven’s operating status within the lab
  • Rate controlling function (°C/min) – controls rate of temperature increase
  • Memory for 3 most commonly used temperature settings
  • Last 36 alarm events are automatically recorded
  • Temperature variation <±1.5°C at 100°C

As standard, the 28 and 65 Litre models come with two and three shelves, respectively, with the option to order an additional shelf for the bottom of the oven to increase sample capacity.

Functionality and performance

The OV4 laboratory vacuum ovens offer excellent temperature fluctuation and variation (with performance according to DIN 12880). The ovens have a wide temperature control range, up to 250°C with PID microprocessor for precise temperature control. Good insulation reduces heat loss and users can perform 3-point temperature calibration to guarantee high temperature accuracy.

The Wait On/Off timer can be set up to 999 hours, 59 minutes. The Wait-Off function will start the timer when the chamber temperature reaches the set temperature.

A safety glass viewing window enables a clear view of chamber contents. Whilst the stainless steel chamber offers good corrosion resistant.

These ovens come with both a USB port and RS-232 port to enable connection to a PC. The Auto Run function allows automatic restart of the oven after power outage.

Safety features

Jeio Tech’s OV4 vacuum ovens feature an excellent over-heat protection system. Safety circuits protect from over-current and over-heating. Plus, a built-in mechanical over-temperature limiter prevents damage to the oven from overheating. There are alarms for temperature deviation from set point (outside of acceptable range). In the event that the toughened safety glass window breaks, a polycarbonate safety cover provides extra protection.

If you would like to find out more about the OV4 laboratory ovens, please visit the individual product pages:

Models in the range

OV4-30: 28L model (2 shelves)

OV4-65: 65L model (3 shelves)

Alternatively, contact us on enquiries@medlinescientific.co.uk for more information or to request a quotation.