Acquisition announcement

Calibre Scientific acquires Medline Scientific Dear stakeholder We are delighted to announce the recent acquisition of Medline Scientific by Calibre Scientific. Calibre Scientific is a diversified global provider of life science reagents, tools, instruments and other consumables to the lab research, diagnostics, industrial, and biopharmaceutical communities.Calibre Scientific owns a portfolio of twenty-five life science and diagnostic […]

Calibre Scientific acquires Medline Scientific

CALIBRE SCIENTIFIC ACQUIRES MEDLINE SCIENTIFIC, A UK-BASED DISTRIBUTOR OF LABORATORY CONSUMABLES AND EQUIPMENT LOS ANGELES, CA, January 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Calibre Scientific is pleased to announce the acquisition of Medline Scientific, a distributor of laboratory consumables and equipment with headquarters in Oxfordshire, United Kingdom. Medline Scientific further enhances Calibre Scientific’s growing distribution presence in the […]

Introducing Ceti microscopes

Laboratory microscopes

A comprehensive and affordable microscope portfolio from Medline Scientific We supply (and stock) a wide range of Ceti microscopes: upright (compound), inverted and stereo microscopes to satisfy the requirements of both tutors and students in educational environments, and also those working in medical and industrial laboratories, QC and research institutes. The portfolio includes monocular, binocular […]

Discover the new Jeio Tech OV4 laboratory vacuum ovens

OV4 vacuum ovens

Jeio Tech has a long history of manufacturing reliable and cost-effective laboratory equipment and scientific testing equipment. Their new vacuum ovens, the OV4 range, supersede the popular OV-11 and OV-12 models, and come with a host of user-friendly and advanced features. Applications Vacuum ovens are commonly used in electrical (e.g. PCB circuits) and bio-pharma manufacturing, […]

Laboratory Safety Storage Cabinets from Jeio Tech

Safety Storage Cabinets

New to our portfolio: Jeio Tech’s safety storage cabinets offer 90 minute fire resistance according to European standard (EN14470-1). This new range of Type 90 safety storage cabinets are robust, secure and come with a number of safety features as standard. Safety features Fire resistance: Type tested in accordance with European standard EN14470-1 [1].Fire test […]

Sustainable lab practices: Laboratory freezers and ULTs

Sustainable Laboratory Practices

Laboratories use lots of energy, far more than your average office [1]. However, many scientists are keen to reduce their carbon footprint and work more sustainably. The majority of laboratories will have at least one freezer and it will be running 24/7. However, there are still steps you can take to improve efficiency and reduce […]

Chromatography Cabinets

chromatography cabinets

The chromatography cabinets available from Medline Scientific are designed to accommodate chromatography instruments in a secure, temperature controlled environment.  Each cabinet is customised for the chromatography system that it’s accommodating (e.g. ÄKTA™ systems from Cytiva or NGS systems from Bio-Rad). However, these cabinets can also be configured for a wide range of laboratory equipment as […]

Guide to microscope maintenance

Ceti laboratory microscope

How to clean your microscope and specimen slides We teamed up with imaging experts Olympus to bring you this guide to microscope maintenance: essential cleaning and maintenance tips for your laboratory microscopes and specimen slides, to ensure that you get the most out of your instruments. Keeping your microscope, its optical system and specimen slides […]

Robot Safety Cabinets

Faster robot safety cabinet

NEW from Faster S.r.l robot safety cabinets A robot safety cabinet is an extra-large microbiological safety cabinet that is big enough to accommodate a laboratory robot. Whilst your laboratory robot performs its automated work, Faster’s robot microbiological safety cabinet protects the product, laboratory personnel and the environment from contamination. SafeFAST XXL Robot safety cabinets The […]

Sustainable Service Solutions

sustainable service solutions

We’re proud to offer a range of sustainable service solutions to help our customers improve their energy efficiency and reduce their carbon footprint. Our sustainable service solutions are designed to prolong the working life of laboratory equipment, improve running efficiency and provide bespoke solutions and services for laboratories looking to work more sustainably. All of […]