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NEW Laboratory Centrifuges from Sigma

NEW Laboratory Centrifuges from Sigma

We’re excited to introduce our new range of Sigma centrifuges! Sigma offers high performance, reliable and safe laboratory centrifuges, ranging from powerful benchtop models to large-capacity floor standing models. Whether you require a refrigerated, unrefrigerated, heated, or especially quiet centrifuge, Sigma can offer the right solution for you. We’ve picked a few of the popular […]

Why use freezer racking?

Racking your ULT freezer could cost around £665 to £4100 [1], depending on the size of your freezer and the configuration of racking required. So, why bother? Using independent data[2] supplied by laboratory sustainability specialist, Green Light Laboratories, we’ve looked at the pros and cons of installing racking on both freezer performance and energy usage. […]