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Vacuum ovens – The multi-tasking machine in your lab

Vacuum ovens are used for a variety of jobs throughout industry. They have many applications in both scientific and non-scientific disciplines. What is a vacuum oven? A vacuum oven is a multi-purpose piece of equipment that can be used for a variety of tasks in laboratory research, engineering, and industry (e.g., pharmaceuticals, electronics, ceramics, textiles, […]

Discover the new Jeio Tech OV4 laboratory vacuum ovens

OV4 vacuum ovens

Jeio Tech has a long history of manufacturing reliable and cost-effective laboratory equipment and scientific testing equipment. Their new vacuum ovens, the OV4 range, supersede the popular OV-11 and OV-12 models, and come with a host of user-friendly and advanced features. Applications Vacuum ovens are commonly used in electrical (e.g. PCB circuits) and bio-pharma manufacturing, […]