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Should I buy a biological safety cabinet with a solid or perforated work surface?

Choosing biological safety cabinets with a solid or perforated work surface is an important decision for any laboratory.

Medline Scientific offers a range of products from Faster, the international safety cabinet manufacturer, and offer in-stock or custom built ordering. Our experienced and knowledgeable sales personnel are able to advise buyers of the differences between the different configurations. However, the choice between a solid or perforated work surface is often a very personal choice.

Perforated work surface

The presence of a multitude of holes allows the downflow air to pass through the holes and into the plenum situated at the rear of the work chamber.

Pros: 100% respect of laminar air flow at the work surface.

Cons: Accidental liquid spillage or small objects will finish up in the spillage tray under the work surface. In the case of the former, the holes and the spillage tray will need to be completely decontaminated. Effective decontamination of the work surface at the end of each session is complicated by the number of small holes that need to be thoroughly wiped clean.

Solid work surface

As there are no holes, the downflow air evenly washes over the work surface and through the rear and front grills of the work surface.

Pros: No risk of accidental liquid spillage or small objects falling through holes. Easier cleaning of work surface, especially in the case of spillages.

Cons: Some people prefer a perforated work surface as they feel that the laminar air flow is superior.

95% of users in the UK prefer a multi-piece, solid work surface for the reasons given above. However, if you are a fan of perforated work surfaces then please let us know as we can swap the work surface free of charge. For instance, one application that could benefit from a perforated work surface is when a large piece of equipment is required to be placed in the working area…

Medline Scientific’s recommendation is for a solid work surface, primarily because most customers using Microbiological Biological Safety Cabinets in the UK prefer a solid work surface. However, as an active business partner of Faster, we are able to provide either a solid or a perforated work surface with your Class II cabinet.