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Alarmed? You should be! Laboratory wireless monitoring systems

At Medline Scientific, we recommend regular maintenance of your laboratory equipment for reliable operation and long life. However, a laboratory wireless monitoring system is essential for protecting your critical research and valuable medicines, samples, specimens and reagents.

For instance, real-time temperature monitoring ensures that medicines, vaccines and blood products are stored at the correct temperature and remain effective.

Alarm systems for 24/7 protection

Laboratory wireless monitoring systems provide peace-of-mind by monitoring, logging and alerting for all critical parameters. The systems are designed to be scalable to meet each customer’s current and future requirements. Sensors are available to track and monitor your laboratory equipment:

  • Temperature monitoring: fridges, freezers, incubators, ovens, cryogenic vessels/tanks (-197°C)
  • Humidity
  • CO2 concentration (5-20%)
  • Power supply and energy monitoring
  • Door opening

Real-time data is accessible from remote devices, such as phones, tablets and laptops. Simple and intuitive dashboards are used for report generation, graphs, alarm events etc.

Alerts will notify you if parameters change (outside of pre-set ranges) or there’s an interruption in power supply.

Industry-compliant monitoring:

– MHRA and 21 CFR Part 11 for the safe storage of medicines, vaccines, human tissue and laboratory samples
– HACCP-compliant reports and tamper-proof, food-safe sensors to keep produce safe

You may also have a requirement for environmental monitoring, parameters such as temperature, humidity, light, CO2, ppm, wind, sound, desk occupancy, dust and a motion (PIR) can also be accurately tracked. As well as, GPS and mobile temperature/humidity monitoring.

If you would like to find out more, our experienced service team can discuss the most appropriate alarm systems to protect your work. Please contact us on 01865 400321 or email enquires@medlinescientific.co.uk.

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