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JeioTech EP-18 Electrophoresis System



JeioTech EP-18: Constructed from moulded polycarbonate, the system provides good shock-resistance, transparency, and durability. UV-transparent gel trays allow for viewing bands on the UV-transilluminator without removing gel tray.

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Moulded gel trays and casters offer leak-free casting. The gel trays have a built-in levelling feature and level bubble for uniform gel casting. Gel length can also be adjusted. Comb-setting grooves in gel trays or caster prevents combs from sliding.
Detachable electrode assembly allows for easy cleaning and maintenance. Each unit comes with one banana cable. Black and red cables are coupled together and can be inserted/extracted at the same time.
EP-18 System comprises: Tank, lid, electrode, power cord. Gel caster (x1); gel trays (x1), comb (x12).


EP-18 gel trays: 181x206mm (x1) gel trays with max. six comb positions. Supplied with double-sided combs: 

1.5mm thick 20-and 31-well comb (x2)

1mm thick 20-and 31-well comb (x2)

1.5mm thick 16-and 20-well comb (x2)

1mm thick 16-and 20-well comb (x2)

1.5mm thick 25-and 34-well comb (x2)

1mm thick 25-and 34-well comb (x2)

31-well comb and 16-well comb, suitable for multichannel pipettes. Suitable for large amounts of sample screening — up to 186 samples at once using 6 combs in EP-18 gel tray.


Buffer capacity: 1.8L

Electrophoresis tank: 387x214x70mm

Net weight: 0.93kg

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JeioTech EP-18 Electrophoresis System