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Since 1988, Jeio Tech has grown into an international brand thanks to the quality of their products and service. Driven by innovation, their reliable instruments assist laboratory professionals in the fields of biology, chemistry, medicine, pharmacology, and many more. Their wide product range consists of environmental test equipment (e.g. temperature & humidity chambers), laboratory equipment (e.g. incubators), and medical devices (e.g. refrigerators).

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Jeio Tech’s professional magnetic stirrers are used for laboratory applications that require exceptional precision, balance, and repeatability.

With a choice of multi-position, analogue, and digital stirrers, all models provide laboratory professionals with the best stirring system to prevent any spills and not change their performance.

Incubator ShakersJeioTech Incubator Shakers image

Jeio Tech’s incubator shakers are designed with racks to shake bottles, tubes, and flasks. They offer quiet, maintenance-free shaking in a consistent and reproducible temperature climate. All of their models are suitable for biological research laboratories for shaking under stable temperature conditions and come in different sizes.

The new Jeio Tech Stackable Incubator Shakers (ISS Series) are large, multi-purpose incubator shakers that are stackable for up to three units to create maximum utilization of lab spaces. Their features include a wide temperature range with high temperature uniformity, a wide speed range even with heavy workload, and large capacity chambers where users can freely organize different sample sizes.

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