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Jeio Tech TH3-KE-065, 65 Litre Bench Top Temperature & Humidity Test Chamber

SKU: AAH824235K


Maximise your laboratory’s workspace with the Jeio Tech TH3-KE-065, 65 Litre Bench Top Temperature & Humidity Test Chamber.

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Maximise your laboratory’s workspace with the Jeio Tech TH3-KE-065, 65 Litre Bench Top Temperature & Humidity Test Chamber. With its wide temperature and humidity control range, this bench top chamber has the ability to deliver excellent environmental test results.

It also features a colourful, user-friendly LCD controller, an optional direct water system for carrying out long-term tests, and an open door alarm. We also have a range of accessories (e.g. perforated shelves) available.



  • Microprocessor PID control with temperature calibration and automatic tuning
  • Uniform temperature and humidity control guarantees reliable test result
  • Air-tight door closure – heat-resistant silicone packing completely blocks high heat leakage from the inner chamber
  • Water level condition is easy to check by the water level indicator on the front control panel
  • Direct water system (optional) provides user great convenience when performing long-term tests


  • Built-in door lock with key
  • Automatic shut off after over-heat alarm
  • Low and empty water level alarm
  • Power supply leakage breaker
  • Over-current protection
  • Open door alarm


  • Compact design and quiet operation
  • Corrosion resistance stainless steel chamber
  • Operating condition is clearly shown by front LED indicator – three different coloured lights show chamber status (run, stop and power off)
  • Clear observation of samples – tempered glass window with wire heater and lighting provides a clear view of samples in the chamber during testing
  • Cable port (50mm diameter) for introduction of external probes or wires. Additional 50mm or 80mm diameter cable ports (optional) can be ordered
  • Two type of stands for space-saving (optional) – single stand with a drawer provides storage space or two step stand accepts two units to save space
  • User-friendly, colourful, touchscreen LCD controller

– Set point temperature and present temperature are clearly shown together on display

– Freely programmable

– Operating progress can be shown in graph mode for easy data understanding

– Automatic start/stop can be programmed for unattended operations

– Display indicates abnormal temperature changes or power failures

– Selective bilingual language support (Korean/English or English/Chinese, selectable only when placing an order)

– Temperature and other operating parameters can be recorded using a six channel digital recorder (optional)

  • Computer interface

– RS-232 communication port included as standard

– RS-485 communication port (optional) enables connection up to maximum 32 units. Simultaneous monitoring and operating of multiple units is an available feature

– Program patterns are simple to set

– Easy to check status of real-time operations

– Storage and documentation of programs

– Data with saving capabilities in Excel and text format

– Storage of program information, backup of value settings, recovery and temperature values


Volume (L):  65

Controller:  Programmable, touch-screen controller (140mm colour monitor)

Temperature (°C)

     Range Without Humidity:  -40 to +150

     Fluctuation at 25°C / 60%RH:  ±0.3

     Variation at 25°C / 60%RH:  ±0.5

Heating Time Without Humidity (min):  60 from 0°C to +90°C

Cooling Time Without Humidity (min):  70 from +90°C to 0°C

Humidity (% RH)

     Range:  20 to 95

     Fluctuation at 60%RH / 55°C:  ±1

     Variation at 60%RH / 55°C:  ±3

Water Tank

     Capacity (L):  12

     Water Quality:  pH 6.2 to 7.2 / Electrical conductivity <20°C/cm


     No. of Wire Shelves (standard/max.):  2/10

Distance Between Shelves (mm):  20

     Max. Load Per Shelf (Kg):  25

     Permitted Total Load (Kg):  65

Dimensions; W x D x H (mm)

     Internal:  400 x 330 x 495

     External:  600 x 1050 x 1060

Viewing Window (mm):  170 x 229

Net Weight (Kg):  140


     Cable Port:  One hole Ø 50mm is provided. Optionally up to two additional holes, Ø 50mm or Ø 80mm, can be ordered

     Interface Port:  RS-232C (RS-485 optional)

Electrical Requirements (230V, 1ph, 50/60Hz):  11.8A


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Jeio Tech TH3-KE-065, 65 Litre Bench Top Temperature & Humidity Test Chamber

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