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Jeio Tech TC3-KE-065, 65 Litre Bench Top Temperature Test Chamber

SKU: AAH861232K


The Jeio Tech TC3-KE-065, 65 Litre Bench Top Temperature Test Chamber is an ideal size for small areas or when the product to be tested is relatively small.

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The Jeio Tech TC3-KE-065, 65 Litre Bench Top Temperature Test Chamber is specially designed to meet extreme temperature requirements with excellent temperature control.

Standard features include microprocessor PID control, a tempered glass window to clearly observe samples and a colourful, user-friendly, touchscreen LCD controller.

We also have a range of accessories (e.g. perforated shelves) available.


Structural Functional Features

  • Proven reproducibility and reliability with structural design optimised for miniaturisation
  • Compact design for excellent space saving
  • Excellent thermal insulation and sealing to ensure stable temperature and humidity reproducibility even for repeated test use
  • The door has a double sealing structure and excellent airtightness

User Convenience Features

  • Convenient operation with 140mm colour touch display controller
  • Easy observation of samples with tempered glass door with built in heating wire and LED lamp
  • Display of operation status of the device with LED colours, conveniently and quickly identifies chamber status from a distance
  • The cable port (ø 50mm) included as standard make it convenient to connect external equipment
  • The door structure can be easily opened or closed
  • Door handle with built-in key lock
  • Identification of the control and operating conditions at the front of the product
  • Stainless steel internal chamber made provides easy maintenance and excellent corrosion resistance
  • Easy to clean as it is easy to remove refrigerator condenser grill, making it convenient to maintain efficiency of refrigeration
  • Equipped with easy-to-move/install casters

Multifunction Control System

  • Highly-reliable control through calibration
  • Auto-tuning by subdivided PID zone for more precise control stability
  • Control and data processing by connecting up to 32 devices to PC at same time via RS-485 port (option)
  • Convenient checking with useful graph display


Volume (L):  65

Controller:  Programmable, touch-screen controller (140mm colour monitor)

Temperature (°C)

     Range:  -40 to +150

     Fluctuation at 100°C:  ±0.3

     Variation at 100°C:  ±0.5

Heating Time (min):  60 from -40°C to +100°C

Cooling Time (min):  70 from +20°C to -40°C


     System:  Mechanical single stage refrigerator system (air-cooled condenser)

     Refrigerant:  R-507A


     No. of Wire Shelves (standard/max.):  2/10

     Distance Between Shelves (mm):  20

     Max. Load Per Shelf (Kg):  25

     Permitted Total Load (Kg):  65

Dimensions; W x D x H (mm)

     Internal:  400 x 330 x 495

     External:  600 x 1050 x 1060

Viewing Window (mm):  170 x 229

Weight (Kg):  110


     Cable Port:  One Ø 50mm hole is provided. In addition, it is possible to order one additional Ø 50mm or Ø 80mm hole

     Interface Port:  RS-232C (RS-485 optional)


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Jeio Tech TC3-KE-065, 65 Litre Bench Top Temperature Test Chamber

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