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Jeio Tech GC-300TLH, 300 Litre Plant Growth Chamber



Gain guaranteed photosynthesis conditions with the Jeio Tech GC-300TLH, 300 Litre Plant Growth Chamber.

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Gain guaranteed photosynthesis conditions with the Jeio Tech GC-300TLH Plant Growth Chamber. With a capacity of 300 litres, this plant growth chamber delivers an innovative performance of low and high temperature along with humidity control. This is attained by altering the humidification tank exterior to the chamber, giving a joined advantage for carrying out frequent tests.

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Operating Features

  • Microprocessor PID controller with automatic tuning and calibration
  • Digital timer: 1min to 99hr 59min
  • 10 step programmable temperature, humidity and illumination plus 300 to 5000ppm CO2 control system (optional)

Safety Features

  • Leakage breaker for power supply
  • Over-current protection
  • Over-heat protection with alarm
  • Door opening alarm
  • Low and empty water level alarm

Construction Features

  • High quality 304 grade stainless steel interior and dirt repellent powder coated exterior surface
  • Wide inner tempered glass door provides a full view of the samples
  • High frequency electronic ballast lamps
  • Easy cleaning of condenser air filter
  • Casters for easy mobility when installing or moving
  • Electronic humidity sensor is fast acting and easy to calibrate
  • Adjustable water tank positions
  • Removable shelving and rounded inner chamber corners for easy cleaning


Volume (L):  300

Controller:  Microprocessor PID controller

Temperature (°C)

     Range, Lamp Off:  5 to 50

     Range, Lamp On:  10 to 50

     Range, With Humidity:  20 to 50

     Temperature Fluctuation at 25°C:  ±0.4 (without humidity)

     Temperature Variation at 25°C:  ±1.0 (without humidity)


     Range (Lux):  0 to 20,000

     Control (steps):  10

     Lamp:  FI lamp (32W x 18ea)

Humidity (RH%)

     Range:  40 to 80 (20 to 35°C) and 70 to 90 (36 to 50°C)

     Fluctuation at 60%RH:  ±3

Carbon Dioxide (optional)

     Range:  300 to 5,000ppm

     Sensor:  IR

Temp. Heater Power (W):  1500

Dimensions; W x D x H (mm)

     Internal:  510 x 540 x 1100

     External:  700 x 805 x 1900

Weight (Kg):  250


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Jeio Tech GC-300TLH, 300 Litre Plant Growth Chamber

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