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Refrigerators and freezers for the research and laboratory sectors have to fulfil extremely demanding criteria. With precise electronic controls and degree-accurate temperature settings, Liebherr laboratory appliances are able to offer outstanding temperature stability. Their comprehensive functions and features ensure that sensitive substances, chemicals and other research materials can be optimally stored. Liebherr refrigerators and freezers are designed for a long service life and are energy efficient.

Maximum temperature reliability is key for laboratory refrigeration. Constant temperatures are crucial for the safe storage of sensitive and (potentially) explosive substances – even minor deviations can impair their storage life and potency. In Liebherr laboratory appliances, innovative refrigeration technologies and modern control systems ensure constant interior temperatures and keep energy consumption comparatively low. Numerous alarm functions offer safeguards in the event of a fault. All Liebherr laboratory appliances comply with the relevant industry standards and statutory safety regulations.

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