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LEEC has been manufacturing laboratory equipment for more than 60 years in the UK. Although their range of standard products is vast, they also offer bespoke laboratory equipment whether it’s a CO2 incubator, custom built rooms or a humidity cabinet. Three of their most popular products are highlighted below.

Research CO2 Incubators

Although manufacturers strive to “improve” their offerings it is often true that scientists are creatures of habit and resist change. LEEC’s Research CO2 incubators have remained in their catalogue for many years, although important components have been updated. The specially developed microprocessor controller gives the user day to day control over all alarm settings, alarm delay and calibration adjustment. These settings are protected by an anti-tampering procedure. Sensors placed within key areas of the chamber constantly monitor and enable the control system to optimise temperature and CO2 levels. After door opening, the culture conditions quickly recover without overshooting, and stable control is maintained. Profiled heating, a technique developed by LEEC, eliminates all risk of “hot-spots”.

All models have fan assisted uni-directional airflow in the chamber, an in-line HEPA filter and an ultra-smooth stainless steel chamber with rounded corners. Indirectly heated inner glass door(s) remain condensation free. These features all help to reduce the risk of contamination. The two Research models (GA2000 and GA3000) also have a high temperature decontamination facility (95°C) which is operated by a key. User experience has shown high temperature to be especially effective in eliminating culture contamination.

Culture Safe TOUCH CO2 IncubatorsLeec Culture Safe co2 incubator

LEEC Culture Safe TOUCH CO2 Incubators have a fully sealed, electro-polished, one-piece, deep drawn chamber which is manufactured from the highest grade 316 stainless steel. The outer cabinet is manufactured from stainless steel and has an anti-bacterial powder coat paint finish. This gives the CO2 incubator exceptional corrosion and contamination resistance. An inner glass viewing door closes positively onto an inert gasket (no VOC’s) and allows a clear view of the chamber contents without disturbing the internal atmosphere. The outer door has a magnetic gasket providing a good seal and magnetic door locks which engage once the sterilisation cycle starts.

The 6 sided heating system, with high performance thermal insulation, ensures the highest standards in temperature control and stability. The independent outer door heater ensures that the inner glass door remains condensate free.

The design of this incubator aims to eliminate contamination inside the chamber. Features include fan-less air circulation, a one-piece chamber (as described above), HEPA filtered gas inlet and a market-leading 200°C hot air sterilisation cycle.

The multi-function, PID touch screen module controls the temperature, CO2 levels and alarm functions (including low gas and power failure) and also provides real-time data logging. An independent safety cut out disconnects the heating system should an over temperature condition occur.

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