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Manufacturing high quality hoses and tubing throughout the world since 1992. The first coil of nylon tube came off the production line in February 1992 and have expanded into many new and more diverse products and applications since. These products include PVC and PU medical gas hose, Suction and Discharge hoses and more customized products such as Precision PU sleeving for offshore and defence related industries and WRAS approved hoses and liners.

As a result of Medline’s direct partnership with Colex, we have together formulated an expansive range of medical gases hoses that are phthalate free and available in either PVC or PU compounds.

For many years, the standard construction of hoses for medical gas applications were plasticized PVC with a conductive inner layer. The conductivity was incorporated due to the explosive nature of some of the anaesthetic gasses being used when the product was initially developed.

Modern anaesthetic gasses are now virtually inert therefore the risk of explosion has been considerably reduced. This, coupled with growing concern over the potential vaporisation and subsequent inhalation of phthalates, has resulted in the development of this new phthalate & PVC free hose, PureHose Pf.

If you are looking for a product that fulfils all the current and future requirements for medical gas hoses, PureHose Pf is that product.

In addition to the new PU hoses we are pleased to announce that a new PVC hose ‘Primehose’ is the latest addition to the Medline range of medical gas hoses and has been engineered to provide the market with up to date and technically advanced products for the delivery of medical gases within the demanding, twenty‐first century hospital environment.

A detailed evaluation and a careful selection of materials have enabled us to entirely dispense with standard ortho‐phthalate plasticisers, increasingly a cause for concern in medical circles, and offer a strong but flexible phthalate‐free PVC alternative hose and peace of mind for the user.

We have been at the forefront of developing hose technology, based upon superior quality materials and innovative thinking.

Our PVC grade is based upon a low migration plasticiser and is expected to comply with British Standard 2463 (Freedom from toxicity), which has been extended to measure Zinc content and UV absorption, and also the US Pharmacopoeia biological tests for plastics.

In addition, the material is expected to meet the chemical toxicity requirements of European Pharmacopoeia monograph 3.1.2 and is free of Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) as detailed in Annexe XVII of the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) Regulation.

Fully tested against international standards, Primehose has been designed to withstand gamma irradiation, but also comes with built‐in anti‐microbial protection, with a wipe‐clean activation, which will afford both time and money‐saving opportunities for the user.

Both hoses are designed and produced to be fully compliant with all the most recent specifications and conforms to BS EN ISO 5359:2014 + A1:2011.

All the materials used are USP VI compliant.

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