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BioTool Swiss was formed in 2004 but the history and experience goes back many years, manufacturing OEM laboratory equipment and, in particular, media preparators, petri dish fillers and peristaltic pumps.

Drawing upon many years’ experience of the needs for laboratories and through consultation with leading researchers, BioTool Swiss has developed a new generation of high quality instruments with enhanced performance and reliability to accelerate the workflow in your laboratory and they now market these under the BioTool Swiss name.

PetriSwiss Petri Dish Filler (PS200)PetriSwiss Petri Dish Filler (PS200)

Equipped with removable safety racks, the PetriSwiss Petri Dish Filler (PS200) automatically fills and stacks 90mm dishes. This carrousel filler’s unique, removable rack principle allows the racks to be prefilled and loaded onto the rack disk at any time. The dishes can then remain stored on the rack in a safe and stable manner. The unit down time for a refill is minimal.

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