What is an inverted microscope?

Olympus CKX53 inverted microscope

Inverted microscopes are similar to compound microscopes except that their components are placed in inverted order: The light source and condenser are positioned above the specimen and the specimen is viewed from below. In this configuration, light is directed down onto the stage/specimen and it is possible to view specimens in larger laboratory containers, such […]

Introducing Ceti microscopes

Laboratory microscopes

A comprehensive and affordable microscope portfolio from Medline Scientific We supply (and stock) a wide range of Ceti microscopes: upright (compound), inverted and stereo microscopes to satisfy the requirements of both tutors and students in educational environments, and also those working in medical and industrial laboratories, QC and research institutes. The portfolio includes monocular, binocular […]

Which Microscope Is Right For You?


While some look into the sky to see new worlds, others look down to find a once-secret world underneath. Before you can discover the exciting microscopic world that builds the visible one, you need to pick a vessel capable of exploring it.  When making a decision about which tool to buy, it’s easy to focus […]

Guide to microscope maintenance

Ceti laboratory microscope

How to clean your microscope and specimen slides We teamed up with imaging experts Olympus to bring you this guide to microscope maintenance: essential cleaning and maintenance tips for your laboratory microscopes and specimen slides, to ensure that you get the most out of your instruments. Keeping your microscope, its optical system and specimen slides […]