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Sonics VCX-2500 Ultrasonic Processor



The Sonics VCX-2500 Ultrasonic Processor, 2500 watts, 20kHz with SONCV294 converter, SONBHNVC21 booster and SON630-631 1_in (38mm) high efficiency probe is capable of processing 2.5 litres or up to 40 litres when used with probe SON630-0631 and a customer-supplied mechanical stirrer

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The Sonics VCX-2500 Ultrasonic Processor features 2500 watts of processing power at 20kHz, for sonicating up to 2.5 litres.

Up to 40 litres can be batch processed, depending on viscosity and degree of processing required, when used with probe SON630-0631 and a customer-supplied mechanical stirrer. Please contact us if you would like to replace the standard probe with SON630-0631 at time of order


Exclusive Energy Setpoint – The energy setpoint continuously monitors the amount of energy in Joules (watts x seconds), that is being delivered to the probe, and terminates the ultrasonics when the desired amount of energy has been dispensed

Wattmeter – Digitally displays the actual amount of power in watts that is being delivered to the probe

Automatic Tuning and Frequency Control – Eliminates the need for constant adjustment of the power supply

Integrated Temperature Controller – Precludes harmful overheating of the sample and guarantees process integrity by terminating the ultrasonics when the sample temperature reaches a predetermined limit. Enables process control and monitoring from 1°C to 100°C

Consistent Reproducibility – Time-saving user-programmed presets store up to ten procedures to facilitate protocol duplication, automate repetitive tasks and eliminate technician-to-technician method variability

Microprocessor Based – Programmable – Digital accuracy and repeatability guarantee adherence to the most exacting protocol

Automatic Amplitude Compensation – Ensures uniform probe amplitude regardless of the varying loading conditions encountered during the processing cycle

On Demand Real Time Display – Provides a window on the process. No more assumptions. No more approximations. Pressing a button enables all set and run parameters to be continuously displayed on the screen, providing instant operating mode confirmation without process interruption

Variable Power Output Control – Allows the ultrasonic vibrations at the probe tip to be set to any desired amplitude. Selected output level is clearly displayed on the screen

Ten Hour Process Timer – Controls the processing time from 1 second to 10 hours

Elapsed Time Indicator – Monitors both the elapsed time and the duration of processing

Independent On/Off Pulser – Enables safe treatment of temperature-sensitive samples at high intensity, and provides mixing by repeatedly allowing the sample to settle back under the probe after each burst. Both on and off cycles are independently controllable from 1 second to 59 seconds

User Friendly – Menu driven fill-in-the-blank prompts provide intuitive guidance through all functions

Up to 40 litres on a batch basis


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Sonics VCX-2500 Ultrasonic Processor

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