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Sonics VCX-130PB Ultrasonic Processor



The Sonics VCX-130PB Ultrasonic Processor, 130 watts, 20kHz with Pulse Button, SONCV188 converter and SON630-0422 3mm probe

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The Sonics VCX-130PB Ultrasonic Processor is able to process from 0.2 to 150ml volume (10 to 150ml with optional probes – please enquire for details and limitations). A pulse button on the converter allows the user to pulse the fluid to reduce heat build-up.

Note that due to having to access the pulse button on the side of the converter, the VCX-130PB is not suited to being situated in a sound abating chamber. In addition, the VCX-130PB is not able to program the pulse mode. If either of the above is likely to cause an issue please purchase the VCX-130 instead.


Energy monitor

Digital wattmeter

Automatic tuning

Automatic amplitude compensation

Microprocessor based

Thumb-actuated pulser

Elapsed time indicator

Variable power output contro



Net Power Output     130W, Frequency 20kHz

Dimensions; H x W x D (mm)     115 x 250 x 320

Weight (Kg)     3

Can be run continuously or in a pulsing mode

CONVERTER (Part No. CV 188 with pulsing button)

Piezoelectric lead zirconate titanate crystals (PZT)

STANDARD PROBE (Part No. SON630-0422)

Diameter (mm)     32

Length (mm)     146

Weight (g)     340

Cable Length (m)     1.8

Tip Diameter (mm)     3

Processing Capability (ml)     0.2 to 10. Note: Optional probes are available to extend the capacity to 150ml 

Length (mm)     138 

Construction     Titanium alloy Ti-6Al-4V, autoclavable 


Unless otherwise requested, units are shipped wired for 230V, 50/60Hz with a UK plug. Please specify desired voltage option if not for use in the UK

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Sonics VCX-130PB Ultrasonic Processor

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